{{infobox character |name = Grace Ancelotti |image = GracieAncelotti-Artwork2.jpg |games = [[Grand Theft Auto IV]]
[[The Ballad of Gay Tony]] |aka = Gracie |gender = F |dob = 1977 (Age 31) |pob = [[Alderney City]] |home = [[Acter]] |nationality = Italian-American |family = [[Giovanni Ancelotti]] (father)
[[Uncle Vince|Vince]] (unknown relationship)
[[Rocco Pelosi]] (unknown relationship) |affiliations = [[Ancelotti Family]]
[[Anthony Prince]]
[[Evan Moss]] (formerly)
[[Luis Fernando Lopez|Luis Lopez]] |vehicles = Pink [[Feltzer]]
White [[Cognoscenti]] }} '''Grace 'Gracie' Ancelotti''' is the daughter of [[mafia]] [[Boss|Don]] [[Giovanni Ancelotti]]. ==Biography== ===Background=== Gracie was born to [[Giovanni Ancelotti]] in 1977, when he was 47 years old and already a powerful mob boss. Gracie tells [[Niko Bellic]] during their car ride that she was close to her father, but avoided his mafioso friends. Giovanni also seems permissive of her party-girl behavior, as she is spoiled by him and she has free reign to date and go home with any man she pleases. In [[2003]], she was arrested for being in possession of cocaine. During or after 2003, her father bought her a pink [[Feltzer]] and she befriended [[Gay Tony]], who granted her a membership to [[Maisonette 9]] as she had failed to get in before. The [[LCPD in GTA IV Era|LCPD]] believe her not to be involved in running the family, however they were suspicious of her friendship with Tony. During [[The Ballad of Gay Tony|Ballad of Gay Tony]], Gracie is seen with Tony, Evan and Rocco Pelosi taking substantial amounts of cocaine. When Luis takes Tony to deal with some business, Gracie calles him a kill-joy. ===Kidnapping=== In 2007, she was arrested for driving while intoxicated, which prompted her to sell the pink Feltzer within the year. The following year, [[Niko Bellic]] reluctantly [[I'll Take Her...|kidnapped]] Gracie for [[Packie McReary]] of the [[Irish Mob]], who held her hostage to extort Giovanni for [[Diamonds|missing diamonds]]. It is unknown or why [[Gerry McReary]] wanted to kidnap her in the first place as he will not get the money for the diamonds. Although it could be hinted that Ancelotti had something to do with Gerry going to prison or he just didn't like Ancelotti. Giovanni didn't believe them at first, thinking Gracie was at a man's house on a date, until they sent a picture of her tied up and gagged in a chair. Giovanni then told [[Gay Tony]] and [[Luis Fernando Lopez|Luis Lopez]] to [[Ladies' Night|follow]] [[Packie McReary|one of the kidnappers]] to find out where Gracie was being held. After Gracie was moved to a new location, Giovanni agreed to surrender the diamonds. Once again, he sent Tony and Luis to do [[Ladies Half Price|the trade]] with Niko and Packie. Despite the deal being ambushed by [[Ray Bulgarin]], Gracie was returned to safety, and she, Luis and Tony fled the scene, while Niko and Packie were left to fight off Bulgarins goons. ===Post-Kidnapping=== After several days had passed, Niko [[Random Characters|encountered her again]] in front of her house. She is under tight security and likely paranoid, but still feels comfortable enough to stand just outside of her house. She also has a new car, a pearl-white [[Cognoscenti]] (it's notable that the car is not a convertible and is built to be chauffered, adding to the theory that she feels too paranoid to be alone or in the open too long). After recognizing Niko, Gracie sent her guards to attack him (named Anthony, Mark, Tony, Benny and Sal), but they failed to do so and Niko got away safely. It is assumed after this experience, she possibly moved to another part of Liberty City. ==Mission appearences== ;GTA IV *[[I'll Take Her...]] *[[...I'll Take Her|Ransom]] *[[She's a Keeper]] *[[Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend]] *[[Random Encounter]] ;The Ballad of Gay Tony *[[Blog This!]] *[[Frosting on the Cake]] *[[Ladies Half Price]] ==LCPD Database record== '''Surname''': Ancelotti '''First Name''': Gracie '''Age''': 31 '''Place of Birth''': Alderney City, Alderney '''Affiliations''': Linked to the Ancelotti Crime Syndicate and "Gay" Tony Prince. '''Criminal Record''': *2003 - Possession Controlled Substance: Cocaine *2007 - Driving While Intoxicated '''Notes''': *Daughter of the head of the Ancelotti Crime Syndicate. *Not believed to be directly involved in the family business but linked to many Capos and Underbosses. *Her friendship with "Gay" Tony Prince could be exploited. ==Trivia== *Gracie's attire has noticeably changed between GTA IV and The Ballad of Gay Tony. In GTA IV, Gracie sported an all-black outfit which consisted of black trousers, and a black button-up shirt with a brown belt around the waist. In The Ballad of Gay Tony, her outfit changes to a more casual ensemble consisting of fitted jeans, a black leather jacket, and a purple and black horizontal striped shirt. This change remains consistent throughout The Ballad of Gay Tony with awkward results when one considers that she is kidnapped in her original outfit in "I'll Take Her" but is returned to Tony and Luis wearing a different outfit in "Ladies Half Price". *Both Niko and Luis punch Gracie to knock her out within the story. *She may even had a tiny crush on Niko, in the mission where he abducts her she showed she had some kind of affection for him, the same with Luis. However, Luis says that he is not going to go out with her after his ex tried to get her father who was a don tried to cut his balls off. *According to the LCPD Database inside a police car she is wanted for racketeering. ==Gallery== File:GracieAncelotti-Artwork.jpg|Concept art of Gracie Ancelotti. File:GracieAncelotti-GTAIV.jpg|Grace during her Random Character encounter. File:GracieAncelotti-GTAIV2.png|Grace Ancelotti's mugshot. Feltzer-GTA4-GracieAncelotti-front.jpg|Gracie's pink feltzer Cognoscenti-GTA4-Gracie-front.jpg|Gracie's unique pearl Cognoscenti 1182324-6096_gta_iv_gracie_ancelotti_large.jpg|Gracie Ancelotti Close up before kidnapping,GTA IV {{GTA IV Characters}} {{The Ballad of Gay Tony Characters}} [[de:Gracie Ancelotti]] [[es:Gracie Ancelotti]] [[Category:Characters|Ancelotti, Grace]] [[Category:Characters in GTA IV|Ancelotti, Grace]] [[Category:Characters in The Ballad of Gay Tony|Ancelotti, Grace]] [[Category:Random Characters|Ancelotti, Grace]]

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Do not edit the 4-star wanted level column. FIB Buffalos appear on 4 star, and I have played the game thoroughly, and initiating pursuits on Algonquin is my favorite thing to do. I see FIB Buffalo on 4 stars. - MasterChief117

Hi, my brother ALWAYS gets the FIB on his 360 but on my PS3 I hardley ever get them and I would much rather get them than the NOOSE. I think there is ALOT wrong with this page, because I think the system changes every time the wanted level is aquired, the stars are just a basis. Biggest GTA Fan EverTalk 00:27, 2 September 2008 (UTC)
Maybe your system has a glitch or something with the police wanted level system biggest gta fan ever. On my Xbox 360 the F.I.B rarely comes at four stars, but occasionally they would.::Fast Lane 06:44, 26 October 2008 (UTC)


I just gave this page some much needed cleanup and it too me a LONG time. Now it looks like one article, not a whole bunch of edits. Now we just have to worry about if the content is right. Biggest GTA Fan EverTalk 00:49, 7 January 2009 (UTC)

places where i have gotten chased by FIB

I have been chased by FIB agents in firefly projects and places near it more then the NOOSE agents but at times when im not in those areas or im causing havoc with a rocket launcher or something I get the NOOSE team after me is it like this for anyone else? --Stephendwan 22:28, May 1, 2010 (UTC)

Cannot lose wanted level while on a chopper

I have tried it numerous times on PS3. Whenever I have a wanted level and want to get rid of by flying on a helicopter the wanted radius is constantly centered on my position. Any thoughts why this happens?

It happens after four stars and it's because the helicopter is constantly on the radar of the Police helicopter. Although this is not apparent in the game, it's a valid theory. —alleypuppy 16:09, May 12, 2010 (CST)
I know that, it's just that the "Tip" presented in the article page, which says "Head for docks or the Higgins Helitours. It is easier to escape via helicopters and speedboats than land transport." is completely off, because of this exact reason. I think it is important to mention in the wiki the fact that you can't escape via helicopters at higher levels. Wydarr 17:04, May 13, 2010 (UTC)

Being Arrested

I like how as you are being arrested, the other cops are still shooting at you. Unless it's just a glitch in my game.Ipangrazio 01:55, September 5, 2010 (UTC)