[[File:DSR-1.jpg|thumb|The Advanced Sniper as seen in the Weazel News Trailer.]] '''Advanced Sniper''' is a sniper rifle introduced in the [[Grand Theft Auto IV|GTA IV]] DLC [[The Ballad of Gay Tony]]. It is based of the [[wp:DSR-1|DSR-1]], and is demonstrated by the [[Terrorism Expert|Terrorist Expert]] during a Weazel News Report. It uses 10 standard or explosive rounds per magazine. Like the [[Assault SMG]], the Advanced Sniper utilizes a [[wp:bullpup|bull pup]] configuration. It's first encounter is during the mission [[Caught with your Pants Down]], where the player must use it to free the [[APC]] for [[Yusuf Amir|Yusuf]]. {{Gtatbogt_weapons}} [[Category:Weapons]] [[Category:Weapons in The Ballad of Gay Tony]]


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GTA 1 boxart

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