{{infobox character| |image = TheTruth-GTASA.jpg |game_1 = GTA San Andreas |name = The Truth |aka = |status = Alive |gender = M |dob = |pob = |dod = |home = [[Leafy Hollow]], [[Flint County]]
[[San Fierro]] |nationality = United States |family = |affiliations = [[Dwaine]] (from [[1989]])
[[Jethro]] (from [[1989]])
[[Frank Tenpenny]] (until [[1992]])
[[Carl Johnson]] (from [[1992]]) |vehicles = [[Camper#The Mothership|The Mothership]] |businesses = Farm in [[Leafy Hollow]] |voice = [[Peter Fonda]] }} '''The Truth''' is a character in the [[Grand Theft Auto]] series who appears as a main character in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]] (set in [[1992]]). He is an aging hippie and former drug manufacturer who lives in [[San Fierro]]. He is voiced by [[Peter Fonda]]. ==Character history== ===Life until 1992=== The Truth, at an unknown time, became both a hippie (possibly due to his upbrining), drug manufacturer, and conspiracy theorist against the [[United States of America|American]] government. In 1967 he purchased [[Camper#The Mothership|The Mothership]], but stopped driving altogether in 1977 (after which, his main mode of transportation was "an astral goat named [[Herbie]]"). In [[1989]] he met [[Dwaine]] and [[Jethro]] at a concert in [[San Fierro]], as well as polar bears that they partied with. As of [[1992]], he owned and lived on a marijuana farm in [[Leafy Hollow]], [[San Andreas]]. ===1992=== In 1992, he was acquainted with corrupt [[LSPD in GTA III Era|police]] officer [[Frank Tenpenny]], who introduced him to [[Carl Johnson]]. Tenpenny ordered a very large batch of marijuana from Truth, with the purpose of [[555 We Tip|framing]] a district attorney, and made Carl pay for it. The Truth then [[Body Harvest|has Carl steal]] a [[Combine Harvester|combine harvester]] from a rival [[The Farm|farm]]. When Carl arrives at Truth's farm with the money, the [[San Andreas Police Department|police]] begin to raid it. This forces them to [[Are You Going to San Fierro?|burn the crops]] and later shoot down a police helicopter with a [[rocket launcher]] (which Truth found in a batch of thai sticks and intended on making into a lamp). They immediately afterwards traveled to [[San Fierro]], where Carl had recently won a [[Doherty Garage|garage]] property in a race. Carl is sorely disappointed in the property, though Truth tells him "the energy here is fantastic" and it would later become a successful business venture. To help start the business, Truth [[Wear Flowers in Your Hair|introduces]] Carl to Dwaine, Jethro and [[Zero]]. While in town, Truth directs Carl and Jethro to help him scope out a government-owned van equipped with mind control. ===Life in the desert=== [[File:GreenGoo-GTASA.png|left|thumb|250px|The Truth holding the green goo stolen by [[Carl Johnson]] in the mission [[Green Goo]].]] Truth discovers that Carl is working for government agent [[Mike Toreno]], which he is disappointed in him for, but remains enthusiastic as he rallies Carl to collect a mysterious, all-important [[Green Goo|green goo]] (which Toreno [[N.O.E.|previously]] directed him to courier to fellow agents). When Carl recovers the green goo for him, he excitedly proclaims "Everything is different now" and that people will refer to 1992 as "Year Zero". Truth later calls into the [[Area 53]] radio show stating that he has held alien life "in my own hands", which may be a reference to the green goo. However, he never speaks of it again in subsequent appearances. ===Time in Los Santos=== [[File:Riot-GTASA.jpg|right|thumb|250px|The Truth, with [[Maccer]], [[Carl Johnson]], [[Madd Dogg]], [[Kendl Johnson]], [[Cesar Vialpando]] and [[Sweet]] during the mission [[Riot (GTA SA)|Riot]].]] Carl later receives a [[Mobile Phone|phone]] call from Truth, who is in [[Los Santos in GTA III Era|Los Santos]] and unsure of how he got there, after a night on a "peyote safari" with a [[The Gurning Chimps|band]] and its [[Kent Paul|manager]]. He asks Carl to find them and make sure they're safe, which later provides Carl a way into working at [[Caligula's Palace]], a casino run by [[Salvatore Leone]] and other mafioso. Carl later [[Breaking the Bank at Caligula's|robs]] Caligula's, and helps Kent Paul and his friend [[Ken Rosenberg]] fake their deaths to avoid Salvatore's wrath. Truth remained with the Johnson family, Maccer and Paul when they move to [[Los Santos]]. They'd since befriended [[Madd Dogg]] and were helping him restore his career with a new album. He was with everyone in [[Madd Dogg's Mansion]] to watch Tenpenny's trial on television, which had since become a national spectacle. The instant his acquittal was announced, [[Los Santos Riots|riots]] broke out in the city. Days later, Tenpenny dies in an apparent [[Fire Truck|fire truck]] crash on [[Grove Street]], the Johnson's longtime residence, which Truth is coincidentally there to see in person. He congratulates Carl on Tenpenny's death, saying "You beat the system! I tried for thirty years to cross over but you've managed it, man! You're an icon, man!". ==Trivia== *He phones in to [[Area 53]] on [[West Coast Talk Radio]] twice, the second time talking about having held alien life in his own hands, which may be a reference to the mission [[Green Goo]]. *The Truth, in the beta artwork, looks younger than his in-game appearance, where he has grey hair. *The Truth is speculated to have an account on the [[Grand Theft Auto IV]] website [[whattheydonotwantyoutoknow.com]] under the name Trooth. ==Mission appearances== ;GTA San Andreas *[[Body Harvest]] (Boss) *[[Are You Going to San Fierro?]] (Boss) *[[Wear Flowers in Your Hair]] *[[Black Project]] (Boss) *[[Green Goo]] (Boss) *[[Don Peyote]] (Voice/Boss) *[[Riot (GTA SA)|Riot]] *[[End of the Line]] ;Cut Mission *[[The Truth is Out There]] ==Gallery== File:TheTruth-GTASA-artwork.jpg|Concept artwork of The Truth {{GTA San Andreas Characters}} [[Category:Characters|Truth, The]] [[Category:Characters in GTA San Andreas|Truth, The]] [[Category:Bosses|Truth, The]]


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