'''Underboss''' or '''Vice-Leader''' is the second highest rank in a gang just right behind the Leader.Underboss can make decisions but the Don has to know about it and approve their decisions if its right.Underboss is mostly related to the leader. [[Carl Johnson]] was a Vice-Leader of the [[Grove Street Families]] while his brother [[Sean "Sweet" Johnson]] is the leader.Another known Underboss is [[Joey Leone]] who was Don [[Salvatore Leone]]'s son who made [[Claude]] do missions like killing [[Mike Forelli]] and getting rid of a car with a dead [[Forelli Family]] member in it. During a gang war an Underboss is mostly targated by other rival gangs and so is the Don and his consieglieri.The reason they are mostly targated is because they are the leading members of a gang will prevent the gang of getting a new leader due to the Underboss being next in line to being the Leader. ==Notable Underbosses== *[[Giorgio Forelli]]-?-1992 (killed) *[[Johnny Sindacco]]-?-1992- (heart attack) *[[Joey Leone]]-?-1992-2001 (possibly became Don) *[[Carl "CJ" Johnson]]-?-1987 (left to Liberty City) 1992-

The Exchange (mission)

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