{{infobox city| |image = [[Image:Map of Alderney city.JPG|center|220px]] |caption = |games = [[Grand Theft Auto IV]]
[[The Lost and Damned]] |name = Alderney City |mayor = |pop = |size = |established = |state = [[Alderney]] }} '''Alderney City''', located in [[Alderney]], is the [[Grand Theft Auto|GTA]] equivalent to two of New Jersey's largest cities, [[wp:Jersey City|Jersey City]] & [[wp:Newark,_New_Jersey|Newark]], and Alderney City is alongside [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era|Liberty City]]. It takes the Downtown & Journal Square Districts of Jersey City, with the Ironbound & Downtown Districts of Newark, and combines the two together to create Alderney City, the urban center of Alderney. The state of Alderney is largely dominated by Alderney City and [[Berchem]]. == Places of interest and businesses == Many businesses (for example the [[RON Building]]) locate here in towering skyscrapers that indicate that Alderney can still attract business similarly to Algonquin. [[Image:Plumbers Skyway.png|thumb|right|220px|The Plumbers Skyway, the major freeway in Alderney.]] *[[Koresh Square]] (Korean neighborhood) *[[Kakagawa Building]] (Myung) *[[Mr. Fuk's Rice Box]] (Hubbard Ave., Lyndon Avenue and Boyden Avenue) *[[Auto Eroticar]] (Keneckie Ave & Lockowski Ave.) *[[International Online Unlimited]] (Rand Ave. & Applewhite St.) *[[Schlongberg Sachs]] (Asahara Rd., near Babbage Drive) *[[RON Building]] (Asahara Rd.) ==City information== [[Image:Booth Tunnel.jpg|thumb|left|250px|The [[Booth Tunnel]].]] ===Streets=== Most streets in Alderney City are named after cult leaders, like [[Koresh Square]], Applewhite Street, Jonestown Avenue or Hubbard Avenue. ===Locals=== Most Koreans live in Alderney City, specially in [[Koresh SQ]]. Niko Bellic has a safehouse in Alderney City, given by [[Ray Boccino]]. Alderney City has a majestic skyline of its own separate to that of [[Algonquin|Algonquin's]] over the [[West River]]. ===Nutrition=== [[Mr. Fuk's Rice Box]], a Korean restaurant is located in Alderney City at the intersection of Lyndon Avenue and Boyden Avenue. Hot Dog vendors can also be found in Alderney City, but [[Burger Shot]] and [[Cluckin' Bell]] are not present in Alderney City. ===Crime and police=== Crime and corruption is still a problem in Alderney City like many other locales in Liberty, however the criminal presence is less apparent here than much of Algonquin or the eastern Boroughs. Korean gangs, like [[Korean Mob]], are particularly dominant in this location, especially in [[Koresh Square]]. [[The Commission]] also dominate the city. Alderney City is a independant city, but the '''[[LCPD]]''' patrols the area. But if you look closely at the police officers in Alderney, they wear different uniforms than the regular LCPD cops in Liberty City. Alderney City police uniforms bear resemblance to those of the [[wp:New Jersey State Police|New Jersey State Police]]. ===Transportation=== [[Image:Alderney_City_Skyline.png|250px|thumb|right|Alderney City's Skyline]] In Alderney City, the Plumbers Skyway freeway connects Alderney to [[Tudor]], [[Berchem]], or [[Acter]]. The [[Hickey Bridge]] (Liberty’s shortest island crossing) connects Northern Alderney City to [[Varsity Heights]] in northern [[Algonquin]], in [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era|Liberty City]]. The Booth Tunnel begins in south Alderney City adjacent to the Ferry Terminal allowing transport to the tourist areas of mid-Algonquin. Both means of transportation to Algonquin from Alderney are located in Alderney City, highlighting the importance of the area. [[Subway in GTA IV|Liberty City Subway]] does not serve Alderney City. *[[Booth Tunnel]] (Rand Ave.) *[[Plumbers Skyway]] (Plumbers Skyway) *[[Hickey Bridge]] *[[Alderney Ferry Terminal]] (near the entrance of the Booth Tunnel) {{Template:Alderney neighborhoods}} [[de:Alderney City]] [[es:Alderney City]] [[Category:Districts in Alderney]] [[Category:Cities]]

The Final Job! (Downtown District)

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The Final Job! (Downtown District)
Game GTA 2
For Unknown Allie of Claude's
Target Elmo, Trey Welsh and Johnny Zoo
Location Downtown, Anywhere City
Fail Player Character Death
Reward Residential District
Unlocked by Completion of All jobs with all gangs