{{infobox gang |image = |caption = |game = IV |game2 = TLAD |game3 = TBOGT |locations = [[Acter]], [[Alderney]], [[Little Italy]], [[Algonquin]], and Industrial Yards. |leader = Giovanni Ancelotti |type = Italian-American Mafia Family |enemies = [[McReary Mob]]
[[Pegorino Family]]
[[Gambetti Family]] |affiliations = [[Albanians]]
[[Ray Bulgarin]]
[[Gay Tony]] |colors = |cars = [[Sentinel XS]]
[[PMP 600|Sports PMP 600]] |weapons = |businesses = |fronts = Fruit Markets
Salvage Yards
Waste Management
Algonquin Night Clubs |members = [[Giovanni Ancelotti]]
[[Charles Matteo]] (Underboss) (Deceased)
[[Anthony Spoleto]] (Capo) (Deceased)
[[Frank Garone]] (Capo) (Deceased)
[[Rocco Pelosi]]
[[Uncle Vince]] (Deceased) }} The '''Ancelotti crime family '''are the last and weakest one of the "[[Five Families]]" that control organized crime in [[Liberty City (IV)|Liberty City]]. The organization was formed in the late 1950s by [[Giovanni Ancelotti]], an Italian immigrant. The family's criminal empire is based in [[Alderney City]] and [[Algonquin]], mainly around the Little Italy area. They are apparently the weakest of the Five Families, going to the extent of hiring [[Albanians|Albanian thugs]] for extra muscle. Because of this, the Ancelottis are often the target of the [[Pegorino Family|Pegorino crime family]] and their hired muscle, the [[McReary Mob]]. Despite the family's small size, they still appear to be able to intimidate people, judging by some of the in game dialogue. This could be due to things that they have done in the past that remain as of yet unexplained. After the events of the storylines, the family is ruined. Most of the reputed members have been murdered, apart from the boss, his daughter [[Gracie Ancelotti|Gracie]], and made man [[Rocco Pelosi|Rocco]]. They also start to work with the Russian Mafia, earning the wrath of the Gambetti family, who consider it an insult to work with foreign crime syndicates. They however, still fail miserably after they get owned, beaten, and killed by [[Niko Bellic]] and the [[McReary Family]], and are called "guido losers" by [[Gerry McReary|Gerald McReary]], after he tells you to kill them in his missions. ==Reputed members and associates== ===Known Members=== *[[Giovanni Ancelotti]], 78, boss of the organization since his uncle's death in 1978. *[[Charles Matteo]], 60, Giovanni's right hand man and [[Underboss|underboss]], currently in hiding somewhere in Alderney after skipping bail on racketeering charges. *[[Anthony Spoleto]], 55, captain of the Spoleto crew. *[[Frank Garone]], 31, captain of the Garone crew. *[[Rocco Pelosi]], made man in the Ancelotti Family *[[Uncle Vince|Vince]], soldier, who is regulary seen with and is the uncle of Pelosi. ===Associates=== *[[Anthony Prince]], 50, nightclub entrepreneur and close friend of the Giovanni's daughter Gracie and debtop of [[Rocco Pelosi]]. *[[Luis Fernando Lopez]], 25, Dominican drug dealer and associate of [[Anthony Prince]]. *[[Gracie Ancelotti]], 31, Giovanni's daughter. Gracie is not believed to be involved in the family business, but she's linked to many captains and buisness associates. ==Notes== They are probably based of the [[wp:Colombo Family|Colombo Family]], the less influent family of New York. Particularly, Giovanni Ancelotti is probably inspired by Colombo don [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carmine_Persico Carmine Persico], one of the oldest mob figures alive. There is also a possibility that the Ancelotti family is based on the real life Lucchese family, because they also have a stronghold in New Jersey and are one of the smaller families of New York City. {{Gangs}} {{GTA IV Gangs}} [[Category:Gangs in GTA IV]] [[Category:Cosa Nostra]]


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