[[File:MeadowsPark-GTAIV-northeastwards.jpg|thumb|376px|right|Meadows Park as viewed to the northwest from the southwest edge of the area.]] '''Meadows Park''' is the name of a large, public park and its adjacent community in northern Dukes. It is bordered to north by [[Dukes Bay]]; the [[Dukes Bay Bridge]], Hewes Street and San Jacinto Avenue to the west ([[Steinway]] and [[East Island City]]); Charleston Avenue and Savannah Avenue to the southwest ([[Cerveza Heights]]); Tudor Street to the southeast ([[Meadow Hills]] and [[Willis]]); and the Broker-Dukes Expressway to the east ([[Francis International Airport in GTA IV Era|Francis International Airport]]). == Character == The residential area of Meadows Park along Savannah Avenue is reminiscent of quaint, upscale neighborhoods in New York City such as [[wikipedia:Brooklyn Heights|Brooklyn Heights]] and [[wikipedia:Gramercy, Manhattan|Gramercy]], featuring rows of brownstones. The park area itself appears to features remnants of a world fair organized during the 1960swww.peepthatshit.com/sightsmedows.hmtl (In game website.) (alluding to the [[wp:1964 New York World's Fair|1964 New York World's Fair]]), with only a few reminders of the event standing. Portions of the park has since been converted for other recreational uses (including a series of outdoor tennis courts and a baseball field), but the park has generally remained lush with trees and fields. == Points of interest == The park is notably home to [[The Monoglobe]] and [[Liberty State Pavillion Towers]]. Other noteworthy structures include a solitary building fronting the Monoglobe that houses tennis courts and an ice skating rink on one side and a museum on the other, and two bronze statues, each depicting a male and female, seen between the building and the Monoglobe: One in the middle of a pond, and the other between the pond and the Monoglobe. == Influences == Meadows Park is based on [[:wp:Flushing Meadows Park|Flushing Meadows Park]] in Queens, New York. Its Monoglobe is a replica of the [[:wp:Unisphere|Unisphere]], while the Pavillion Towers are obviously supposed to be the New York State Pavilion. The building standing just north of the Monoglobe is a scaled down replica of the [[wp:Queens Museum of Art|Queens Museum of Art]], while the statues between the building and the Monoglobe are expanded reworking of [[wp:Donald De Lue|Donald De Lue's]] [[wp:Rocket Thrower|Rocket Thrower]]. Both real-life inspirations are located within Flushing Meadows Park. == Transport == The [[Subway in GTA IV|Liberty City Subway]] does not stop at Meadows Park, even though it runs along half of the perimeter of the park, even cutting through it at one point. However, [[Huntington Street LTA|Huntington Street]] station, in [[Cerveza Heights]], is only a very short distance away from Meadows Park and may be used by its residents. == Gallery == File:MeadowsPark-GTAIV-Monoglobe.jpg|[[The Monoglobe]]. File:MeadowsPark-GTAIV-statuesandmusuem.jpg|The statues and museum. File:MeadowsPark-GTAIV-LibertyStatePavillionTowers.jpg|The [[Liberty State Pavillion Towers]]. == References == {{Dukes neighborhoods}} [[Category:Areas in Dukes]] [[Category:Parks]]


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