{{Infobox gang |image = WhiteStallionz-GTAVCS-members.jpg |game = VCS |locations = [[Little Haiti]], [[Vice City in GTA III Era|Vice City]] |leaders = Unknown |type = Motorcycle gang |enemies = Unknown |affiliations = Unknown |cars = [[Freeway]], [[Ventoso]], [[Wintergreen]] |weapons = [[Baseball Bat]], [[Knife]], [[Pistol]] |businesses = [[White Stallionz Bar]] |members = [[Gabe Hiker]] }} The '''White Stallionz''' are a homosexual white-supremacist biker club in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]], located out of the [[White Stallionz Bar]] in [[Little Haiti]]. They aren't a major gang like [[Mitch Baker|Mitch Baker's]] [[Vice City Bikers|biker gang]], and don't appear in the game outside of the mission [[The Bum Deal]]. They're only turf is their bar, the [[White Stallionz Bar]]. [[Victor Vance|Victor]] and [[Lance Vance]] stumble onto this gang when [[Bryan Forbes]], an undercover DEA Agent, claims a member of the Stallionz has information about a large shipment of cocaine coming into [[Vice City in GTA III Era|Vice City]]. Apparently, Forbes was lying about the Stallionz' involvement, and the Vance brothers have to fight their way out of the bar when the White Stallionz threaten to rape them both. The Stallionz have no involvement with the local Vice City Bikers and should not be confused with this separate biker gang. Throughout their bar are banners that appear to be a mockery of neo-nazi symbols (two lightning bolts surrounding a female gender symbol that has the circle replaced with a white-power fist, a symbol also found on the White Stallionz' t-shirts), with the dates 1969 and 1984 and a slogan, "Stand Proud Together." Interestingly the same banners can be found in [[Stonewall J's]] gunshop. File:WhiteStallionzBar-GTAVCS-exterior.jpg|The [[White Stallionz Bar]]. File:TheBumDeal-GTAVCS2.jpg|Vic and Lance Vance, surrounded by White Stallionz in [[The Bum Deal]]. {{Gangs}} [[de:White Stallionz]] [[es:White Stallionz]] [[Category:Gangs in GTA Vice City Stories]]


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