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Ed Ganio
Gender Male
Nationality American
Games Owned GTA III
GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas
GTA Liberty City Stories
GTA Vice City Stories
The Ballad of Gay Tony
The Lost and Damned

Hello, fellow editors! I am mainly concerned with GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City, as these are the games I know by heart. I can help with GTA III, GTA Vice City Stories, GTA Liberty City Stories, GTA IV and GTA V, as I've played them fairly extensively, but don't consider myself an expert. As far as pre-GTA III Era games, I have not played them, so I am mostly clueless, but try to help where I can. :-D EganioTalk

My GTA Experience

GTA games have been a prominent part of my life ever since just after my undergraduate college years. I remember frequenting my friends' house numerous times while in San Francisco ca. 2001, where I would spend a good deal of time playing GTA III. This is where I fell in love with GTA games. Up to that point, I had always fantasized about a game that would allow free roaming throughout a city. GTA Vice City got me through some rough years during the end of a 7-year relationship just before I began graduate school, ca. 2005. During grad school, GTA San Andreas came into my life, and I probably spent far too much time playing that game, which I consider to be the finest of the series. After grad school, I partook in GTA IV and GTA V. I have played and beaten GTA IV several times, but GTA V I have only run through once, since I detest the characters and the hyper-realism.

To read my detailed opinions of GTA games, please visit this page.

My Grand Theft Wiki Experience

I started editing Grand Theft Wiki back when it was on Wikia during my graduate school years. It's unfortunate that Wikia decided to pursue the course of action that led to this wiki moving, but I know Gerard made the decision with the best of intentions. I only recently came back after finishing grad school and securing employment. Now that I am firmly settled in my new environment, I felt the desire to return to some of the hobbies I have loved so dearly over the years, namely playing GTA games and editing the wiki that Gerard created.

My Work Experience

I attended grad school at UC Davis and received my PhD in Genetics in 2011. I now work for Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA), where I am a clinical researcher associated with the Department of Anesthesia. We are researching immune system modulation in response to various stressors on the human body, e.g. surgery and pregnancy. I am responsible for processing patient samples and analyzing them by mass cytometry, which is a cutting-edge research method enabling single-cell resolution of immune signatures. We typically acquire blood samples from patients over time courses in order to monitor the fluctuations in immune cell population and function before, during, and after clinically relevant occurrences. Our central aim is to afford clinicians a certain power of prediction regarding the speed and quality of patient recovery from surgery and other physical traumas, and to tailor clinical care on an individual basis. I love my work, and I love the people with whom I work. The years of slogging through grad school really paid off, and I feel as though I am making a genuinely positive contribution to humanity, as small as my part may be. Please feel free to ask if you are interested in hearing more about what I do!

If you are interested, here are 3 publications in which I have participated during my time with Stanford:

1: Clinical recovery from surgery correlates with single-cell immune signatures
2: Implementing Mass Cytometry at the Bedside to Study the Immunological Basis of Human Diseases: Distinctive Immune Features in Patients with a History of Term or Preterm Birth
3: Patient-specific Immune States before Surgery Are Strong Correlates of Surgical Recovery

Fun fact: on the Wikipedia mass cytometry page, the instrument shown in the image is actually one of the machines at Stanford that I have personally used! It has since been replaced by later generations of the same technology. The room shown in the image is where I spend a great deal of my time!

I also enjoy composing music in my spare time. Since I have no formal musical training aside from playing the clarinet in high school and college, I am definitely an amateur composer. Nevertheless, I enjoy creating music, and feel as though I have some talent for it. This is probably largely due to having loved orchestral music since I was a child, and having a very strong and detailed memory for music. For a while, I was composing for piano, but presently I am writing marches for concert band. I like to fantasize about hearing my compositions performed by actual ensembles, but my compositions probably aren't good enough to be worth their time! Regardless, I enjoy creating and listening to my compositions on the software I use (Finale 2014). It's a very good alternative to playing clarinet, which I love, but haven't had the time or money to pursue in the past 15 years.



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Todo.png To-do list for User:Eganio: edit · history · watch · refresh

Hello, and welcome to my to-do list. Please feel free to tackle any of these tasks. In particular, images and categorization are of prime importance. If you want to make major changes to either content or formatting of any articles related to the categories not labeled "pending", please discuss them with me first. Happy editing! :-) EganioTalk

I have two global projects going:

Cleaning up and creating articles for everything in the game. Starting in San Fierro and making my way around the map. Details are enumerated below.
  • Categorization
I have started with Category:Infrastructure and all of its subcomponents, spanning all GTA games. Details coming soon.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

San Fierro

  1. Main page - DONE
  2. Districts (all pages created, expanded, and/or formatted where necessary)
    1. Battery Point - DONE
    2. Juniper Hollow - DONE
    3. Paradiso - DONE
    4. Esplanade North - DONE
    5. Esplanade East - DONE
    6. Downtown/Financial - DONE
    7. Calton Heights - DONE
    8. Chinatown - DONE
    9. Juniper Hill - DONE
    10. Palisades - DONE
    11. Santa Flora - DONE
    12. City Hall - DONE
    13. Queens - DONE
    14. King's - DONE
    15. Easter Basin - DONE
    16. Doherty - DONE
    17. Garcia - DONE
    18. Hashbury - DONE
    19. Ocean Flats - DONE
    20. Avispa Country Club - DONE
    21. Missionary Hill - DONE
    22. Foster Valley - DONE
    23. Easter Bay Airport - DONE
  3. Places (in progress)
  4. Categorization (in progress - big one...any help is appreciated!)
  5. Images - DONE

Los Santos

  1. Main page - DONE
  2. Districts (pending)
  3. Places (pending)
  4. Categorization (pending)
  5. Images (pending)

Las Venturas

  1. Main page (pending)
  2. Districts (pending)
  3. Places (pending)
  4. Categorization (pending)
  5. Images (pending)

Red County

  1. Main page (pending)
  2. Places (pending)
  3. Blueberry (in progress)
  4. Dillimore (in progress)
  5. Montgomery (in progress)
  6. Palomino Creek (in progress)
  7. Categorization (in progress)
  8. Images (in progress)

Flint County

  1. Main page (in progress)
  2. Places (pending)
  3. Categorization (pending)
  4. Images (pending)


  1. Main page (pending)
  2. Places (pending)
  3. Angel Pine (pending)
  4. Categorization (pending)
  5. Images (pending)

Bone County

  1. Main page (pending)
  2. Places (pending)
  3. Fort Carson (in progress)
  4. Categorization (pending)
  5. Images (in progress)

Tierra Robada

  1. Main page (in progress)
  2. Places (pending)
  3. El Quebrados (in progress)
  4. Las Payasadas (in progress)
  5. Bayside (in progress)
  6. Bayside Marina (in progress)
  7. Categorization (in progress)
  8. Images (in progress)