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The following is a script of all dialogue heard during friendship activities with Little Jacob in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Conversation one

Little Jacob: Wha'gwan rasta?

Niko: What's up Jacob?

Little Jacob: Boy, it's good fe spend some quality time wit de I, seen?

Niko: Yes.

Little Jacob: Not all work, work, work, y'know? We got to ease up from time to time, to see how the world turns, you know what I'm saying?

Niko: I think so.

Little Jacob: The world can mess you up, y know? Make you tink that tings matter, when all that matter is that the sun come up and we have good time and laughter and ting, seen?

Niko: I hope so, man, I do.

Little Jacob: You uphill you know, Niko? Even for a shotta.

Conversation two

Little Jacob: Niko, Niko. How's me main man Roman! Him still gambling all his money away?

Niko: I am afraid that that is what Roman will do with any money he gets. Hopefully Mallorie will be able to straighten him out one day.

Little Jacob: Mallorie, a fine daughta, an him lucky to have her, you know? Hopefully he won't gamble her away as well.

Niko: Sometimes I think he would put her on the table if he had the chance. He doesn't hold onto much for long. I am amazed he managed to save enough money to be able to afford the cab depot in the first place.

Little Jacob: Seen, seen. There's always people around fe lend de money to a man, especially if de man have a habit like Roman.

Niko: Sure.

Little Jacob: You think Roman's addicted to gambling. You tink him have a real problem? Jah know him, he can throw his money to dem con men, you know, star. Him a real idiot, you know?

Niko: Maybe is problem, maybe he just need to get something out of his system. He don't like the cars and the guns as much as you and me do.

Little Jacob: Any money I get I, you know me spend upon sisters or sensemillia. I don't throw my money away, you know.

Conversation three

Little Jacob: You all good, Niko, man?

Niko: Sure. How you doing?

Little Jacob: Usual a whole heap of trouble, but, me nah, complain, you know. Me learn from me Uncle Bradshaw, you know.

Niko: Really? You know him?

Little Jacob: Yes I, in spirit and love, you know. Seen?

Niko: Okay.

Little Jacob: Him speak de truth, man, him know de way, him understand tings properly, you know?

Niko: He plays good music.

Little Jacob: Raas, him play de best music, man. Him play from de heart, you know.

Conversation four

Little Jacob: Irie, man. How's it going?

Niko: Same old, you know, getting by. How's Badman?

Little Jacob: Badman vexing me someting wicked at de moment, you know, star. Won't leave him place unless him packing more heat dan de sun. Getting all paranoid and shit.

Niko: Yeah? Is someone out to get him?

Little Jacob: If you ask him, every dead pon de corner is out to get him, but... it's all dem spliff he been smoking, man. It don't de him head no good.

Niko: You seem to be okay, and you smoke a lot.

Little Jacob: Blacking up don't affect I and I de same way, you know. I an' I a chill dread. I don't like that kass kass in the way Badman de. The herb make Badman's head work in all type of ways it shouldn't be working. He think his friends are after him. He ain't turned on me yet, but one day. You know, one day...

Niko: Shit, I wouldn't want to see the fight if you two went against each other.

Little Jacob: Nuh I, rasta, nuh I.

Conversation five

Niko: How you doing, Jacob?

Little Jacob: Okay, rasta, but, you know, not great, you know?

Niko: Why not?

Little Jacob: The herb is gonna kill me up, here.

Niko: What?

Little Jacob: The herb! It's bad for the head. The stuff here.

Niko: Really?

Little Jacob: The hydroponic and artificial and made with chemicals and produced with chemicals. Covered with pesticides... it's wrong. Man, it's wrong!

Niko: Well, stop smoking it.

Little Jacob: I trying, star. I trying.

Conversation six

Niko: Jacob, is good to see you.

Little Jacob: Alright mem man, Niko, is good to see de I. What's happening with you?

Niko: Same shit, cops still chasing me, still getting into fights.

Little Jacob: Don't nobody treat you wit de respect you know you deserve, you know, Niko. All of life be about is respect, sight? You don't got nothing unless you got people paying you no mind, you know?

Niko: Sure, man. I don't let nobody talk down to me.

Little Jacob: Being a dread, being a rasta, is all about getting respect and ting, you know? Rastas weren't getting no respect, we follow Jah till we get respect, sight?

Niko: Okay.

Little Jacob: Problem be when man no pay another man no respect, you know? Each rasta be vital. Babylon a try hold rastas down, but Jah, him hold we up. We say I an' I need dat respect, you know, star? Babylon downpressors is where we get de problem in society from. Make everything crash.

Niko: Something made everything fucked up, man. I'll tell you that.

Conversation seven

Little Jacob: One love, Niko. Wha'gwan?

Niko: Hey man - how you doing?

Little Jacob: Good man, good. I was just enjoying some Massive B dancehall pon de radio.

Niko: Yeah, it's cool.

Little Jacob: Respect due. Bobby Kenders is hard man, you know. De sound is rawl.

Niko: Yeah.

Little Jacob: Him are de real selecter man. It's an incredible sound system. Only in Liberty City, ye. Man, music from de whole world come a here for massive sound clash, you know. And massive B are de top notch, man. Top notch.

Niko: Yeah - this city has some incredible music.

Little Jacob: Respect.

Conversation eight

Niko: Jacob, what's going on man? You seem down.

Little Jacob: Boy, me vex rasta! Badman outta him mind, man. Him lose it.

Niko: It's his paranoia, man. He's smoking too much of that shit. You got to tell him to calm it down.

Little Jacob: I ain't saying nothing to him face. You no call no alligator long mouth til you pass him, bredren. If me tell Badman fe calm down, him a pull out de ratchet and cut I good.

Niko: This must have happened before, how'd you calm Badman then?

Little Jacob: Grandad was here back inna the days. Him tell Badman, no badda bawl, don't be feisty. He bring him right down. Grandad a hertical don, you know?

Niko: Where is this Grandad now?

Little Jacob: Boy, him back a Jam Dung. Catching a de sun, man. Couldn't take de city no more.

Niko: I don't blame him, maybe Badman should go to Jamaica too?

Little Jacob: That could be de best ting, you know, Niko. Best ting for all of us, seen?

Conversation nine

Niko: How you doing?

Little Jacob: All good, me breda, all good. Me get a whole heap of Kali from Jam dung, from me cousin, him just bring it up.

Niko: Oh, well no wonder you're good.

Little Jacob: This shit is spiritual man. Let me see clearly, hear the I-rations, let I and I enjoy life, and give I and I-tection.

Niko: Whatever you say.

Little Jacob: You stick with your schisms and your isms, bad boy.

Conversation ten

Little Jacob: Niko, how old are you now?

Niko: Shit, I stopped counting birthdays when I saw my friends die back home. I didn't think I deserved any more when they weren't getting any.

Little Jacob: That's some deep shit, man. Some deep shit. You tink things like dat, but you don't smoke trees. You need a spiritual edge, you know. You take anything?

Niko: I drink.

Little Jacob: Alright, Rum be a spiritual ting, It wake up your senses and point dem out to de world around you. Rum is I-tal. It made from the earth and it put you in tune with it. It's a natural ting.

Niko: I drink vodka.

Little Jacob: Seen. Vodka be from de earth too. Inna Jam Dung we have de rum, where you from de rum is de vodka. It be de same. It put you in touch with de spiritual side. Herb be the most spiritual, y'know, messa man. You smoke it, it open your mind to be what's going on in the earth.

Niko: Thanks Jacob, but I'm alright with the shots of vodka. They fuck me up enough.

Conversation eleven

Little Jacob: Whappen Niko?

Niko: All good, Jacob, all good. Or at least, I'm trying not to think too much about things.

Little Jacob: How you mean?

Niko: I mean, I'm trying not to worry too much about the things that are messed up. Relax, you know, have some fun.

Little Jacob: Yeah man, I hear that. We gonna have some fun, we gonna sit and enjoy a lickle silence, and enjoy de world as it turns. Relax!

Niko: Cool.

Little Jacob: We gonna have a whole heap of relaxation. A whole bunch of chilling it out. OF silence, yes? Seen?

Niko: Okay.

Little Jacob: Then why you keep talking?

Niko: I'm not.

Little Jacob: Hold you corner, rasta, shhh.

Niko: Hold your fucking corner, rasta - I was being quiet.

Little Jacob: Gwan man, hard ears, relax. Unwind.

Niko: I'm trying! You keep talking.

Little Jacob: Whatever you say, messa. Whatever you say.

Conversation twelve

Little Jacob: Alright, Niko, you mind me ask you a serious question?

Niko: No Jacob, go for it.

Little Jacob: What made you come outta you own country, what ruined it for you?

Niko: War ruined my country, Jacob. One village fought another. Friends had to fight friends. Then, the West takes notice and you are watching your neighbor's house blowing up on the international news channel.

Little Jacob: Rhattid, Niko.

Niko: Why do you ask?

Little Jacob: I look at Badman and tink what could be turning him into the man he's becoming. He's being ruined, you know, Niko? He ain't the dread he used to be. He used to be righteous man, now him a bad seed. It de coke dat he's doing, you know.

Niko: Badman is putting coke in his spliffs?

Little Jacob: Nah man, he be selling it, and it making him gravalicious. De whole Jam dung getting greedy off a des coke money. It a turn dread against dread. Rastas be fighting one another, when they should be cotching and smoking de herb together. Badman included. We should be fighting Babylon, but instead we are fight one another.

Niko: I wish my country had an excuse as good as cocaine for their fighting. Sadly, is not the case.

Conversation thirteen

Niko: What's going on, Jacob?

Little Jacob: Easy now, star, me worry about everything with Badman, you know?

Niko: Badman? Why?

Little Jacob: Him want to be inna de mafia business, big time rude boy, all de time want mash up de place and broke down de place, seen?

Niko: Yes - from what I understand he's pretty wild, but aren't we all?

Little Jacob: Man, we worry about him, you know? Man me right hand man, but him big inna de cocaine ting and him want bring it in from Jam Dung, seen? And it no good.

Niko: No - cocaine is a bad business, but this whole life is a bad business.

Little Jacob: Don't deal wit cocaine, everything end up fine. If I deal wit cocaine, everything end up raas clot mash up, seen?

Niko: I hear you.

Conversation fourteen

Little Jacob: The world be a fucked up place, Niko. A place rammed up with fuckery.

Niko: Sure, Jacob, it is. What I have seen of it at least.

Little Jacob: Since you got to Liberty City, you meet anyone what wasn't crazy?

Niko: No one I liked. I might have robbed some sane people, but I did not stick around for conversation.

Little Jacob: Seen, Niko, you, me, Badman, we all crazy living de life we live.

Niko: Cops chasing us, gangsters trying to rip us off, it ain't an easy life, that's for sure.

Little Jacob: Maybe it's this madness, this crazy shit, that make de world go round. People say it be the rules, the laws that make the world work, you know? But maybe it ain't dat way. That's just Babylon keep a rasta down. That's just bucky massa hitting out backs, making de slave ship keep moving. That's just dem downpressors in grey suits, making us waste our life filling out forms and ting. Doing that shit instead of really experiencing the world, the spiritual side. That's that shit that's shutting down life. Crazy rastas like I an' I, we don't listen to Babylon. It us a keep de world moving and jamming. Is us, and we make de world I-tal. We give the world it's life and it's madness, you know.

Niko: Sure, I think you could be onto something there.


Calling Jacob

Niko: Hello, Jacob.

Niko: Hey there, Jacob.

Niko: Jacob.

Niko: Jacob, it's me, Niko.

Niko: Jacob, it's Niko.

Niko: It's me, so listen Jacob.

Niko: Mr. Jacob, it's Niko.

(If Jacob hasn't been contacted for a while)

Little Jacob: Niko? Me can't hear from you. Me tink you inna trouble or something?

Little Jacob: Niko, me tink you gwan away, man. You haven't called in a long time.

(Jacob's answering machine)

Little Jacob: Yeah, I'm busy. Call me back.

(If Jacob is unavailable)

Little Jacob: Yeah man, me asleep man. Call me back 'bout two o'clock, seen?

Niko: Sorry, Jacob - I didn't realize what the time was.

Niko: Sorry, man.

Arranging an activity

Little Jacob: Cool, Jacob - I'll be there in a bit.

Little Jacob: Excellent - I am on my way, Jacob.

Little Jacob: Good. I'll be there in a bit.

Little Jacob: Good - I'll come get you.

Little Jacob: Great. I'll head over to your place.

Little Jacob: Great - see you in a bit Jacob.

Little Jacob: Great - see you soon.

Little Jacob: I'm on my way.

Jacob calling

Little Jacob: Niko, it's me, Jacob.

Little Jacob: Whappen rasta?

Arranging an activity

Little Jacob: Great Niko - see you soon.

Little Jacob: Me check the man here.

Little Jacob: Respect, me see ya soon.

Little Jacob: Yeah, man. Me see you here soon.

Meeting Jacob

(Niko on foot)

Little Jacob: Wha'gwan, me breda? We gonna need some wheels y'know.

Little Jacob: Whappen, me breda? We gonna need a car y'know.

(Niko in a car)

Little Jacob: Let's go star.

Little Jacob: Yeah, let's go.

(Niko on a motorbike)

Little Jacob: Nice bike, man.

Little Jacob: Nice bike, rasta.

(Niko in a helicopter)

Little Jacob: Nice bird, me breda.

(Arriving late)

Little Jacob: Let's go? And by the way, you're late.

Little Jacob: What, you lose your watch, Niko?

Little Jacob: Why the man late? Let's go.

Little Jacob: Whappen rasta, you late ya know. We need fe find a car ya know.

Little Jacob: Yo, you're late y'know, rasta. Yo, we need a car y'know.

Little Jacob: You're late, but let's go anyway.

Finishing an activity

Little Jacob: Can ye take me back a me home rasta?

Little Jacob: Can ye take we home?

Little Jacob: Drop me at me home, man.

Little Jacob: Drop me at me yard, man.

Little Jacob: Hey man, take I home.

Little Jacob: Take me home rasta.

Little Jacob: Take me home star, back to me house.

Taking Jacob home

Little Jacob: Good times man, respect yeah?

Little Jacob: Yo. Good seeing ya, ya know rasta.

Little Jacob: Yo, me have a good time ya know, star.

Little Jacob: Yo, that was fun ya know?

Declining an activity

Niko: I'd enjoy that but I'm in the middle of something.

Niko: No Jacob, I can't just now.

Niko: Not right now, Jacob.

Little Jacob: No problem, man. Hit me up when you're free.

Little Jacob: Yeah man, no problem, man - just call me when you're free.

Canceling an activity

Little Jacob: Alright den, maybe a next time. Gwan man.

Little Jacob: It's alright, man. Maybe a next time, it's alright.

Jacob declining

Niko: Okay, Jacob. I'll call again soon.

Niko: Okay, man. Another time.

Niko: Okay, no problem. Another time.

Niko: No problem, let's play soon.


Niko calls

Niko: So, you got any interest in a game of darts?

Niko: You got time for a quick game or darts?

Niko: You wanna go play darts man?

Niko: You wanna play some darts?

Little Jacob: Okay, me breda. Me love play darts, y'know. Come on my place in about an hour.

Little Jacob: Sure, why not? Come get me inna the next hour.

Little Jacob: Yes, rasta, for sure. I and I wait an hour for the I, seen.

Little Jacob: You know me, Niko - me love play darts. One hour me wait.

Jacob declines

Little Jacob: I'm a lickle busy right now, y'know - maybe later, star.

Little Jacob: No - me can't play darts right now, star, maybe later.

Little Jacob: No, rasta, not now, maybe later.

(Declining from recently playing darts)

Little Jacob: Did we nuh just play arrows?

Little Jacob: No star - we play recently - another time.

Little Jacob: No, me play recent - maybe later, star.

Jacob calls

Little Jacob: Let's go play some darts.

Little Jacob: Yo, star. You wanna play some darts or something?

Niko: Yeah sure - I'll pick you up in the next sixty minutes.



Little Jacob: Jacob I can't make the darts, sorry man.


Little Jacob: Darts and ting! Come on, star!

Little Jacob: Let's do this, star!

(Playing Darts on a different activity)

Little Jacob: Darts? For real? Okay.

(Niko wins)

Little Jacob: Yeah man, well done, Niko.

(Niko loses)

Little Jacob: Me heart bleeds as me ego grow large ya know, me breda.

(Not finishing the game)

Little Jacob: Next time, no sheg up the game.

Little Jacob: Next time, we finish up the game.


Niko calls

Niko: So, you wanna go for a drink?

Niko: Wanna hang out, have a drink or something?

Niko: You got time to have a drink with me?

Niko: You wanna have a drink man?

Little Jacob: Everything cook and curry, so why not, star?

Little Jacob: Why not, rasta? Be at my place for one hour.

Little Jacob: Yeah, man. Pick me up in about an hour, seen?

Little Jacob: Yeah, man. Pick me up inna my place inna one hour.

Jacob declines

Little Jacob: No disrespect, but me can't meet up for a drink right now.

Little Jacob: Not now, star - another time.

Little Jacob: Yo, no feel no way, but me can't have a drink right now.

(Declining from recently drinking)

Little Jacob: Ease up with the drinking now. Niko, maybe a next time?

Little Jacob: Nah man, we went drinking the other day, man. Maybe a next time.

Little Jacob: Yo, me can't drink all the time y'know, Niko. Maybe a next time?

Jacob calls



Little Jacob: Jacob, listen, I'm sorry, but I ain't going to be able to go out drinking.

Little Jacob: Sorry, I've got to back out of the drinking.


(Comrade's Bar/Steinway Beer Garden)

Little Jacob: I and I gonna get drunk and stupid.

Little Jacob: Me like this kinda place.


Little Jacob: Respect due to you, that was fun.

Little Jacob: Yeah, me have a good time ya know, man.


Conversation one

Little Jacob: Now, let me sit in peace, Niko. You know me get funny when me drink and you make de world spin funny, man.

Niko: Sure. Hang in there.

Conversation two

Little Jacob: Sorry, Niko, me can't... take de drink so good.

Niko: No problem.

Little Jacob: Me all mud up, me back to front, de world is turning, gwan wrong way.

Niko: So you say.

Little Jacob: So it is man. You know, say me are mash up man, me mash up, just mek me cry in peace, man.

Conversation three

Little Jacob: You know me man, me hate de car, and de... and de drinking, and de drinking ting man.

Niko: I remember - I didn't realize you couldn't handle a drink.

Little Jacob: Mek we shut up now, Niko, and man, me wonder in peace why you have three heads all of a sudden.

Conversation four

Little Jacob: Boy, me drink too much, you know, rasta.

Niko: Okay, okay, take it easy.

Little Jacob: Me head spinning, me stomach turning, me all pyoua pyoua, me can't take it easy.

Niko: Sorry.

Little Jacob: Shut up and mek me dee in peace, man.


Niko calls

Niko: You wanna get some food, man?

Niko: You wanna get some food?

Niko: You wanna get something to eat?

Niko: You want to get a meal or something?

Little Jacob: Sure, me hungry, man. Just pick me up.

Little Jacob: Sure, I'm a lickle hungry y'know. Pick me up.

Little Jacob: Sure, just pick me up in a hour.

Little Jacob: Yeah man, me hungry, man. Me need some good. Pick me up in about a hour.

Jacob declines

Little Jacob: Nah, man - maybe later, man. Me full up.

Little Jacob: Nah, man. Me full, star - but... maybe a lickle later.

Little Jacob: Nah, man. Me have nuff food inna me belly, man, to last a week - maybe later.

Little Jacob: No, Star. Me full, man - maybe later.

(Declining from recently eating)

Little Jacob: Maybe later. Did we nuh just eat, man?

Little Jacob: Nah, man. All you wanna do is eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat - maybe later.

Jacob calls



Little Jacob: Jacob, I'm sorry, I ain't going to be making the meal. Something has come up.


(60 Diner/69th Street Diner)

Little Jacob: I and I gonna eat good here.

Little Jacob: Love a place like this.

Little Jacob: Yeah. Yo that were fun y'know, man.

Little Jacob: Yo that was a good eating, boy.

(Burger Shot)

Little Jacob: It's not healthy, but it refreshes the spirit.

Little Jacob: Yo. Good choice, me breda.

Little Jacob: Yo, bad the heart but great for the soul.

Little Jacob: Yo, that was not natural but I dunno, say it taste fine, ya know?

(Cluckin' Bell)

Little Jacob: Cluckin' Bell? I love that shit rasta.

Little Jacob: Cluckin' Bell! Nice.

Little Jacob: Yo, me love the place ya know, Niko.

Little Jacob: Yo, the Bell make the best chicken ya know, bredaman.

(Superstar Cafe)

Little Jacob: Are you going foreign now?

Little Jacob: Yeah a bit risto but, they done most o' their food good, y'know?

Little Jacob: Yeah, that was good for such a risto place, y'know.


Niko calls

Niko: Any chance you can play a bit of pool?

Niko: Any interest in playing pool?

Niko: You got time for a game of pool?

Niko: You wanna play some pool, man?

Little Jacob: For sure, breda. Just pick me up.

Little Jacob: Sure, man - just pick me up in about a hour.

Little Jacob: Why not? Pick me up in about a hour - me play.

Little Jacob: Yeah, man - me play pool, for real. Pick me up in about a hour.

Jacob declines

Little Jacob: No, I and I too busy for pool just now, y'know. Call me later or something.

Little Jacob: No, star. Me a lickle busy, man. Call me later.

Little Jacob: No pool right now - mek we play a lickle later or something.

(Declining from recently playing pool)

Little Jacob: Mek we play pool again? So soon? Nah man.

Little Jacob: Nah man, did we nuh just play, man? Maybe later.

Little Jacob: Not again so soon, man. Me could play ya later, man.

Jacob calls

Little Jacob: Wanna play a lickle bit o' pool or something, me breda?

Little Jacob: Yo, me breda. Long time we had no business, man. Mek we play some pool or something.

Little Jacob: You wanna play some pool?



Little Jacob: I'm afraid I won't be making the pool - sorry man.


Little Jacob: Mek we play some pool then?

Little Jacob: Okay, me breda, mek we play some pool now.

(Playing Pool on a different activity)

Little Jacob: Pool? It's not what I was thinking but, alright.

(Niko wins)

Little Jacob: Well played, rasta!

Little Jacob: Yo easy now, star! Ya the big man.

(Niko loses)

Little Jacob: Sorry, me breda.

Little Jacob: Yo, unlucky - but ya know what? At least your breda win.

(Leaving before the game is finished)

Little Jacob: Next time, let's finish up.

Little Jacob: Yo, next time, let's finish the game before we check out.


Little Jacob: Rasta, it's me. Yo, me need a lift from Meadows Park.

Little Jacob: Niko, it's me, Jacob. Niko, me breda, me need a lift man, can you pick me up a' me house?

Little Jacob: Whappen rasta? Me down Firefly Projects star, just link up man, me need a ride man, pronto.

Little Jacob: Star, me down Steinway man, me need a ride man, link up.

Niko: Sure Jacob - I'm on my way - be there in an hour.

Niko: Okay, no problem. I'll be there in an hour.


Niko: Sorry, Jacob - I'm busy right now. I can't at the moment.

Little Jacob: Okay, bad boy - just call me when you have some time.


Niko: Jacob - sorry - I'm not going to be able to give you a lift.


Niko calls

Niko: I got some free time. You wanna go to a show?

Niko: I'm bored. You got time to go to a show?

Niko: You got any interest in going to a show? I'm bored.

Niko: You want to go to a show or something?

Little Jacob: Mek we go a' de show? Why not. Pick me up.

Little Jacob: Niko, sure - pick me up.

Little Jacob: Okay, man, pick me up in about a hour.

Little Jacob: Sure, rasta - pick me up in about a hour.

Jacob declines

Little Jacob: Me a lickle bit busy right now y'know, breda. Maybe later.

Little Jacob: Nah, man. Maybe later.

Little Jacob: Nah, Niko - me kinda busy just now, man - maybe later.

(Declining from recently seeing a show)

Little Jacob: All you wanna do is show, show, show, seen? Maybe another time.

Little Jacob: Not too soon, rasta, another time.

Little Jacob: Some other time - did we nuh just go a' the show?

Jacob calls

Little Jacob: A long time we're at work me good friend, me could go watch a show or something.

Niko: Sure I'll come over and pick you up.



Niko: I won't be able to make that show, man.



Little Jacob: Alright, mek we see what kind o' lunacy are gwan down here.

Little Jacob: Okay, rasta, let's see what kind of craziness them have tonight.

(After the show)

Little Jacob: Me had a good time, even though the acts was mad.

Little Jacob: The show's okay.

(Leaving early)

Little Jacob: Why you stepping out now?

Strip Club

Niko calls

Niko: I feel like checking some girls out. You want to go to a strip club with me?

Niko: Why don't you and me hit up a gentlemen's club?

Niko: You feel like coming to a strip club with me? Relieve some tension...

Niko: You want to come to a strip club with me?

Little Jacob: Mek me look at the girl den. Why not.

Little Jacob: Okay ram goat! Just pick me up.

Little Jacob: Rasta want a ketchy shuby? Sure thing. Pick me up in about a hour.

Little Jacob: Sure thing, ram goat. I wait for an hour for the I.

Jacob declines

Little Jacob: Maybe later, ram goat. Me too busy for that right now.

Little Jacob: Me can't go look pon some umoden right now y'know, ram goat. Maybe later.

Little Jacob: Mek we go the strip club? Nah, ram goat.

Little Jacob: Nah, ram goat, maybe later.

(If Jacob and Niko recently went to a strip club)

Little Jacob: Again? So soon? Ram goat - maybe later.

Little Jacob: Nah, me nuh going to the strip club now, ram goat - maybe later.

Jacob calls

Little Jacob: Yo, you wanna go down the strip club, Mr. Mention?



Little Jacob: I won't be making the trip to the skin club, Jacob. I'm having a few problems.


Little Jacob: Alright, Mr. Mention, let me see the girl them now.

Little Jacob: Alright, Mr. Mention, me see skettels, brand 'em ya know?


Little Jacob: The girl were alright y'know, me breda.

(Leaving early)

Little Jacob: Whappen? You wanna check out now?


Little Jacob: Yo, Niko, I'm coming out today, man. Can you pick me up at the hospital?

Little Jacob: Yo, Niko. Them have let me out of the hospital. Can you pick me up?


Niko: Sure man - I'm on my way.

Niko: Yeah, I'll be there within the hour, Jacob.

Little Jacob: One love, rasta.

Little Jacob: Yo, thanks, me breda.


Niko: Sorry, I've got some serious shit on just now, Jacob. I can't help just now.

Niko: Sorry, Jacob - I'm kind of busy - you'll have to make your own way home.

Little Jacob: Yo. Whappen to my friend, Niko?



Little Jacob: Niko, you a righteous brother, will you take I back to I apartment?

Little Jacob: One love, Niko, thanks for pickin' I an' I up, can ye take I back home?

(Arriving on foot)

Little Jacob: Niko, I legs ain't workin' good right now. Get I some transport for the rasta now?

Little Jacob: Yo Niko man, I ain't got the strength to be walking right now, man. Can I get some transport?

(Taking Jacob home)

Little Jacob: Yo, me appreciate that y'know, Niko? Thank you, me see you later, seen?

Little Jacob: Yo, Niko, me appreciate that an' ting, give thanks, one love.

Weapons service

Little Jacob: Yo Niko, I your bredaman, Jacob. Listen, we been friends for a long time, seen? Phone me up if you need to buy some guns, seen?

Niko: Thanks Jacob - I appreciate that.

Calling Jacob

Niko: Jacob, I need some of that hardware you promised me.

Niko: Jacob, I need to get a hold of a weapon. Can you help me?

Little Jacob: I see ya Acter Industrial.

Little Jacob: Meet me at Tudor.

Little Jacob: Meet me down at Colony Island now.

Little Jacob: No problem man, just meet I an' I at Hove Beach.

Little Jacob: No problem man, me see you at Berchem.

Little Jacob: No problem Niko.

Little Jacob: No problem Niko, meet me at Schottler.

Little Jacob: No problem Niko man, jus meet me a' South Slopes.

Little Jacob: Okay man, jus meet me a' Suffolk.

Little Jacob: Pick me up a' - em, the gardens yo, Northern Gardens.

Little Jacob: Yeah, pick me up a' Lower Easton.

Little Jacob: Yeah man, me down a' Westdyke man, link up.

Little Jacob: Yeah man, meet me down at Purgatory.

Little Jacob: Yeah man, meet me round Chase Point, man, link up, link up.

Little Jacob: Yeah man, ya can find me at Lancaster man, just come for me, nuh?

Little Jacob: Yo, me down Varsity Heights y'know, link up, star.

Little Jacob: Yo, me see you a' Willis.

Little Jacob: Yo, meet me at Cerveza Heights.

Little Jacob: Yo, Niko, meet me at Steinway.

Little Jacob: Yo, pick me up a' North Holland, now.

Little Jacob: Yo, pick me up at Charge Island now.

(If the service is unavailable)

Little Jacob: Yo, me can't hook you up again y'know, star. Just gimme some time to get some merchandise, seen?

Little Jacob: Yo, sorry rasta, yo. I don't have nuthin for ya right now, man. Try again later.

Meeting Jacob

Little Jacob: Dat's me main man, Niko.

Little Jacob: Righteous, bredren. Good fe see de I.

Little Jacob: Wha'gwan Niko? Good fe see de man.

Little Jacob: Wha'gwan Niko? How's it going?

Little Jacob: Wicked Niko, yah here.

(Walking up to Jacob)

Little Jacob: All de heat is right here, seen?

Little Jacob: Everything a mafia don could want inna dis shit.

Little Jacob: I got some teeth inna here ya know, bredren.

Little Jacob: Yeah man, me have di heavy firepower ya need, ya know man?

(Jacob opens the trunk of his vehicle)

Little Jacob: I an' I got nuff guns ya know, my youth.

Little Jacob: It all there, me breda.

Little Jacob: There it be and ting.

Little Jacob: What? You feeling this?

Little Jacob: Yeah man, check this shit out ma bredren.

(While buying weapons)

Little Jacob: Der be an explosion.

Little Jacob: Don't miss.

Little Jacob: Hurry up now Niko man!

Little Jacob: You're a dangerous man ya know Niko Bellic, BOOM, BOOM!

Little Jacob: You get dis one, you win rasta.

(If Niko meets Jacob with a wanted level)

Little Jacob: Cha, me need fe get outta here me bredren, later.

Little Jacob: Had enough o' dis.

Little Jacob: I and I best clear outta here before Babylon arrive.

Little Jacob: I hot-stepping outta here Niko. See ya.

Little Jacob: Yo, me not having no more o' dis.

Jacob leaves

Little Jacob: Be safe, rude boy.

Little Jacob: Easy now, star.

Little Jacob: Irie, Niko. Gimme a call, nuh?

Little Jacob: Keep outta trouble bredren. I an' I see ya soon.

Little Jacob: Later my youth. Call me and ting.

Little Jacob: One love, Niko. I and I be seeing each other real soon.

Little Jacob: See you later, rasta.