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Blow Your Cover

Playboy X is killed

Niko: I'm afraid that your friend Playboy, he had an accident, he ain't gonna be around no more.

Elizabeta: Playboy was a fool, but he earned. This ain't good. Come back to see me.

Johnny is killed

Niko: The deal didn't happen, Elizabeta. Johnny, your biker friend, got himself killed before the meet. Sorry

Elizabeta: Pato! No money and a good earner is dead. Why I surround myself with you people?

Playboy X is abandoned

Niko: The deal didn't go so good. Charlie was an undercover cop. I think the Feds have Playboy.

Elizabeta: Shit. The boy will say anything to get out of doing hard time. Why you not fucking keep hold of him?