There are many '''phone numbers''' seen, mentioned, and used throughout the [[Grand Theft Auto]] series. ==GTA Vice City== In [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]], there are several numbers mentioned on the radio that can be dialed in real life. {| |1-866-PILLAGE |1-866-745-5243 |Thor's Premium Pillage Line |- |1-866-9-SAVE ME |1-866-972-8363 |Pastor Richards' Salvation Statue Fund |- |1-866-9-BURY ME |1-866-928-7963 |Farewell Ranch |- |1-866-434-SELF |1-866-434-7353 |Jeremy Robard Think Your Way to Success |- |1-866-9-SHADEE |1-866-974-2333 |The Law Firm of Delio & Furax |} ==GTA San Andreas== In [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]], these phone numbers can be dialed in real life {| |1-866-FUN-CULT |1-866-386-2858 |The Epsilon Tract |- |1-866-FACE-FEAR |1-866-3223-3327 |Inversion Therapy |} ==GTA IV== :''See also: [[Phone Numbers in GTA IV]]'' The [[cell phone]] in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]] makes dialing phone numbers part of gameplay. However not all phone numbers work and some phone numbers only work at certain times or for certain missions. ===Real life number=== {| |212-360-2367 |[[Beatrix Fontaine]]'s automated fortune telling line. |} ===Working numbers=== {| |911 |Emergency Services |- |948-555-0100 |[[ZiT]] Song Identifier |- |123-555-0160 (Bryce Bug) |[[Bryce Dawkins]]' bugged [[Infernus]], available after [[Knowing Me, Knowing You]], doesn't always work |} [[Cheats in GTA IV]] uses phone numbers to activate them. ===Mission specific numbers=== {| |843-555-0124 |Number used in [[Call and Collect]] |- |545-555-0122 |Number used in [[Lure (IV)|Lure]] |- |662-555-0147 |[[Gracie Ancelotti]] for the mission [[I'll Take Her...]] |} 555-2222 The number to call [[Roman Bellic]] for a optional taxi ride from Bellic Enterprises in the mission [[Roman's Holiday]] [[Category:Features in GTA Vice City]] [[Category:Features in GTA San Andreas]] [[Category:Features in GTA IV]] [[Category:Communications]]


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