[[File:LosSantosPoliceHeadquarters-GTASA-exterior.jpg|thumb|300px|right|[[LSPD in GTA III Era|Los Santos Police Department's]] headquarters in [[Pershing Square]]]] '''Los Santos Police Headquarters''' is the main law enforcement structure of the [[LSPD in GTA III Era|Los Santos Police Department]], and sits on the east end of [[Pershing Square]], caddy-corner to [[Los Santos City Hall|City Hall]]. This is where the player will re-spawn after being [[Busted|arrested]] anywhere within [[Los Santos in GTA III Era|Los Santos]] city limits. This is also a recurring site during Los Santos missions. The building is based on the [[:wp:File:Highsmithbeverlyhillscityhall.jpg|Beverly Hills City Hall]]. == Events of GTA San Andreas == After beginning to regain the trust of his fellow [[Grove Street Families]] members and his brother [[Sweet]], [[Carl Johnson]] finds himself helping to rebuild the fractured gang in an attempt to revisit its former glory. During the process, [[Big Smoke]] asks Carl to help him pick up a friend recently released from prison. They drive off to meet [[OG Loc]], who is waiting on the steps of Los Santos Police Headquarters. After picking him up, they head off to deal with some of Loc's "unfinished" business in [[East Los Santos in GTA III Era|East Los Santos]]. Much later in the story, Carl returns to Los Santos Police Headquarters, this time to pick up Sweet after he is released from prison by [[Mike Toreno]], as had been promised to Carl. Carl is excited to show Sweet all he has been doing while he has been incarcerated, bragging about burgeoning business ventures in [[San Fierro]] and [[Las Venturas]]. Sweet adamantly refuses, and again challenges Carl's allegiance to the Grove Street Families, demanding that he help him regain their home from the crack dealers and rival [[Ballas]] that have taken it over. They then head off to wrap up the last chapters of the story. == Stationary vehicles == * [[Police Car]] - Inside the impound lot. * [[Police Maverick]] - On the southeast corner of the lower rooftop. Only available after the mission [[Learning to Fly]]. == Weapons/Items == * [[Body Armor]] - Inside at the prison * [[Nightstick]] - In the locker rooms * [[Shotgun]] - Inside the building * [[Dildo]] - Inside shower (next to locker rooms) [[Category:Police Stations in GTA San Andreas]] [[Category:Places in Los Santos in GTA III Era]]


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