{{Gang box| | title = Ancelotti Family | game = IV | type = Italian-American Mafia Family | turf = [[Acter]], [[Alderney]]; [[Little Italy]], [[Algonquin]] | cars = Black [[PMP 600|PMP 600s]] with mesh grills and spoilers; black [[Sentinel|Sentinel STDs]] with sun louvers on the rear windows | enemies = [[McReary Mob]]; [[Pegorino Family]] | weapons = [[Knife]], [[Pistol]], [[Uzi]] | fronts = Fruit Markets, [[Alderney]]; Salvage Yard, [[Northwood]], [[Algonquin]] | members = [[Giovanni Ancelotti]], [[Charles Matteo]], [[Frank Garone]], [[Anthony Spoleto]], [[Rocco Pelosi]] |}} The '''Ancelotti Crime Family''' is part of the Cosa Nostra "[[The Commission|commission]]", formed in the late 50's by [[Giovanni Ancelotti]], an Italian immigrant who managed to reach the top of the [[Liberty City in GTA IV|Liberty City]] underworld. The Ancelotti's criminal empire is based in [[Alderney City]] and [[Little Italy]], [[Algonquin]]. They are the weakest of the Five Families, needing to hire [[Albanians|Albanian thugs]] for extra muscle. Because of this, the Ancelottis are often the target of the [[Pegorino Family]] and their hired muscle, the [[McReary Mob]]. Despite the family's size however they still appear to put fear into people judging by some of the in game dialogue. This could be due to things that they have done in the past that remain as of yet unexplained. ==Reputed Members and Associates== *[[Giovanni Ancelotti]], 78, [[boss|Don]] of the Ancelotti Syndicate since his uncle's death in 1978. *[[Gracie Ancelotti]], 31, Giovanni's daughter and secret[http://www.wikipedia.org/Underboss Underboss]. Gracie is not believed to be involved in the family business, but she's linked to many Capi and associates; eventhough the LCPD think that she is not involved in the family business she is involved because If you look her name up on the police car computer you will find that she is wanted for "Racketeering".   *[[Frank Garone]], 31, Senior Capo. Frank ownes a green NRG 900F and sorts out most of the families shit. *[[Anthony Spoleto]], 55, aka "Tony Black", Senior Capo. Tony black ownes a garage/Junkyard in northwood called Rusty Shit. *[[Charles Matteo]], 60, aka "Chubby Charlie", Giovanni's right hand man and [[Underboss]], currently in hiding somewhere in Alderney after skipping bail on racketeering charges.He is hiding in the old sprunk factory in Port Tudor.   *[[Rocco Pelosi]], enforcer and nephew of Giovanni Ancelotti. *[[Anthony Prince]], 50, aka "Gay Tony", nightclub entrepreneur and close friend of the Don's daughter Gracie. *[[Luis Fernando Lopez]], 25, Dominican Gangster and Associate of [[Anthony Prince|Anthony (Gay Tony) Prince]]. ==Notes== [[Category:Gangs]] [[Category:Cosa Nostra]]

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