'''Radio in [[Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars|Chinatown Wars]]''' is substantially stripped down from that found in previous games, due to the size limitations of the [[Nintendo DS]] cartridge. There are five radio stations, yet none of these feature any voice tracks, being purely instrumental. Radio stations in cars can be changed through buttons on the touch screen. Interestingly, the [[Radio Stations in GTA IV|radio stations]] from Grand Theft Auto IV are advertised on billboards throughout the city, yet none are accessible to the player. All the stations are named after real artists of bands, most of whom contributed, albeit with instrumental rather than vocal songs. === [[Ticklah]] === A dub radio station, playing primarily reggae-inspired beats. Named after reggae/dub artist TickLAH. === [[Deadmau5]] === A station playing electronic and club tunes. Named after the DJ [[wp:Deadmau5|Deadmau5]]. === [[Alchemist]] === A station playing hip-hop and other such music. Named after a [[wp:The Alchemist (producer)|producer]] of hip-hop records. === [[Truth & Soul]] === A jazz and funk station. Named after [[wp:Truth and Soul Records|Truth and Soul]], a record label. === [[Prairie Cartel]] === A station playing mostly rock and indie music. Named after the band [[wp:The Prairie Cartel|The Prairie Cartel]]. == PSP/iPhone/iPod touch Version == The PSP version retains the music and style from the DS version and included more tracks exclusive for the PSP version. The following radio stations are exclusive to the PSP, and (with update to 1.1.0) to the iPod touch and iPhone versions. === [[Anvil]] === A station only playing songs by the Metal band [[wp:Anvil (band)|Anvil]]. === [[DFA]] === A dance-punk station featuring songs produced by [[wp:DFA Records|DFA Records]]. === [[DJ Khalil]] === Hip-hop radio station playing songs made by [[wp:DJ Khalil|DJ Khalil]]. === [[Sinowav FM]] === Some typical Chinese songs are featured on this station. === [[Tortoise (GTA CW)|Tortoise]] === "Post-rock" radio station that only plays songs by the band [[wp:Tortoise (band)|Tortoise]]. === [[Turntables on the Hudson]] === A Worldbeat music station. ==Ratings== All stations are assigned a rating from zero to five stars, depending on the amount of time the player spends listening to them. These can be views by accessing the radio player in the [[PDA]]. [[Category:Radio]] [[Category:GTA Chinatown Wars]] [[Category:Radio Stations]]

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