{{infobox mission |name=Autocide |game=VC |image=Autocide-GTAVC.jpg |size=300px |caption=[[Tommy Vercetti]] receiving his instructions from [[Mr. Black]] on a [[Payphone]] outside the [[Washington Mall]]. |for=[[Mr. Black]] |target=[[Mike Griffin]]
[[Dick Tanner]]
[[Marcus Hammond]]
[[Franco Carter]]
[[Nick Kong]]
[[Charlie Dilson]] |location=[[Washington Beach]], [[Vice City in GTA III Era|Vice City]] |fail=Death of [[Tommy Vercetti]]
Failing to kill the gangsters in the time limit |reward=[[Money|$]]4,000 |unlocks=[[Check Out At The Check In]] (after completing [[Rub Out]]) |unlockedby=[[The Fastest Boat]]
[[Waste the Wife]] }} '''Autocide''' is a mission in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]] given to [[Protagonist|protagonist]] [[Tommy Vercetti]] by [[Mr. Black]] from a public payphone outside the [[Washington Mall]] in [[Washington Beach]], [[Vice City in GTA III Era|Vice City]]. ==Mission== Tommy Vercetti receives a phone call at a public payphone outside the [[Washington Mall]] and receives instructions from [[Mr. Black]] to kill members of a [[European Gang|European gang]], currently undercover in the city, before they rob a bank (possibly El Banco Corrupte Grande). Vercetti then locates and kills [[Mike Griffin]], who is working as a builder on a billboard outside the Washington Mall. Vercetti then locates and kills [[Dick Tanner]], who is working as a security guard for [[DBP Security]]. Vercetti then locates and kills [[Marcus Hammond]] and [[Franco Carter]], who are working as carpenters and are located in a [[Bobcat]] close to the [[Jewellery Store]] in [[Vice Point]]. Vercetti then locates and kills [[Nick Kong]], who is posing as a tourist on a boat close to [[Avery Carrington|Avery Carrington's]] rival construction site. Vercetti then locates and kills the last of the gang, [[Charlie Dilson]], who is riding his [[PCJ-600]] around [[Ocean Drive]]. ==Script== '''Mr. Black:''' A European Gang plans to hit the bank in Vice City. My employers would rather this didn't happen. Each member of the gang has a cover while they are here in Vice City. Some have menial jobs, others are on vacation. Each target and their likely whereabouts are taped under the phone. ==Reward== The reward for completing the mission is [[Money|$]]4,000 and the mission [[Check Out At The Check In]] is unlocked, if the mission [[Rub Out]] has also been completed. ==Trivia== * The name of this mission is likely a combination of the words "auto" and "homicide". * The mission has a time limit of nine minutes, or nine in-game hours. * A unique silver [[PCJ-600]] can be collected by the player after the mission starts, located next to a hedge on the way to [[Mike Griffin|Mike Griffin's]] location. * The [[Securicar]] driven by Dick Tanner is super-heavy until the mission ends. To be able to drive it, the player has to snipe him out from a distance. * The [[Bobcat]] driven by Marcus Hammond and Franco Carter in this mission has a unique black and metallic red paint job. * The PCJ-600 driven by Charlie Dilson has a unique blue paint job. * With the exception of Mike Griffin, all of the European gangsters in this mission have names referring to characters in rival sandbox games. [[Dick Tanner]] is a reference to Tanner from the [[:wp:Driver (series)|Driver series]], [[Marcus Hammond]], [[Franco Carter]] and [[Charlie Dilson]] are references to Mark Hammond, Frank Carter and Charlie Jolson from [[:wp:The Getaway (video game)|The Getaway]], and [[Nick Kong]] is a reference to Nicholas "Nick" Kang Williams from [[:wp:True Crime: Streets of LA|True Crime: Streets of LA]]. * Pedestrians with the same character models as Griffin, Tanner, Hammond, Carter, Kong and Dilson appear during free roam and throughout Vice City. * Mike Griffin could be a reference to [[wp:Nick Griffin|Nick Griffin]], a British nationalist politician. * Mike Griffin's name may also be a reference to the game [[:wp:Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter|Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter]]. ==See Also== * [[Autocide/Walkthrough|Mission walkthrough]] ==Gallery== File:Autocide-GTAVC2.jpg|[[Tommy Vercetti]] about to collect the weapons provided by [[Mr. Black]]. File:Autocide-GTAVC3.jpg|[[Tommy Vercetti]] about to [[Sniper Rifle|shoot]] [[Mike Griffin]] on a billboard at the [[Washington Mall]]. File:Autocide-GTAVC4.jpg|[[Tommy Vercetti]] about to [[Sniper Rifle|shoot]] [[Dick Tanner]] in a [[Securicar]] on [[Ocean Drive]]. File:Autocide-GTAVC5.jpg|[[Tommy Vercetti]] about to [[Sniper Rifle|shoot]] [[Marcus Hammond]] or [[Franco Carter]] in a [[Bobcat]] in [[Vice Point]]. File:Autocide-GTAVC6.jpg|[[Tommy Vercetti]] about to [[Sniper Rifle|shoot]] [[Marcus Hammond]] or [[Franco Carter]]. File:Autocide-GTAVC7.jpg|[[Tommy Vercetti]] about to [[Sniper Rifle|shoot]] [[Nick Kong]] on his [[Tropic|boat]] in [[Washington Beach]]. File:Autocide-GTAVC8.jpg|[[Tommy Vercetti]] about to [[Sniper Rifle|shoot]] [[Charlie Dilson]] in [[Washington Beach]]. ==Video Walkthrough==

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