{{infobox character| |image = GTA_IV_Dimitri_Rascalov.jpg |games = [[Grand Theft Auto IV]] |name = Dimitri Rascalov |aka = |gender = M |dob = 1969 |pob = [[wp:Russia|Russia]] |dod = [[2008]] |home = [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era|Liberty City]] |nationality = [[wp:Russian|Russian]] |family = |affiliations = [[Mikhail Faustin]]
[[Faustin Family]]
[[Russian Mafia]]
[[Niko Bellic]]
[[Rodislav Bulgarin]]
[[Kenny Petrovic]]
[[Petrovic Family]] |vehicles = |businesses = [[Drugs]] Trade |voice = [[Moti Margolin]] }} [[Image:DimitriRascalov.jpg|thumb|Artwork of Dimitri Rascalov]] '''Dimitri Rascalov''' (1969 - [[2008]]) is the main antagonist in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]], and a major character throughout the game. He begins the game as the second-in-command of the [[Faustin Family]] and a premier Russian mobster. Dimitri is the second-in-command and best friend of [[Mikhail Faustin]]. The two knew each other back in Russia, and served with one another in the Cold War, and eventually spent time in a prison camp in Siberia together. The two were closer than brothers, according to Mikhail. However, following the move to [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era|Liberty City]], Mikhail became addicted to alcohol and cocaine, and no longer heeded Dimitri's advice. Rascalov often warned him that the Russian Mafia meant keeping a low profile and playing by the rules, but Mikhail would not listen. This eventually led to war with the [[Petrovic Family]] after the ill-advised murder of [[Lenny Petrovic]]. Dimitri would cut a side deal with [[Kenny Petrovic|Mr. Petrovic]] to save his own life. In exchange for the murder of Mikhail, Rascalov would live and be able to take over the Faustin Family. Dimitri gave the order to execute Mikhail to a hired gun, [[Niko Bellic]]. (This order was given due to the terms of the deal. Niko had killed Lenny on Faustin's orders as a hired gun. When Dimitri explained this, Mr. Petrovic decided to allow Niko to live, as long as he killed Mikail personally.) After Faustin was killed, Dimitri took over the organization and became partners with another powerful Russian gangster, [[Rodislav Bulgarin]]. Eventually it was found that Bulgarin and Bellic had past history, so Dimitri betrayed Niko to Bulgarin. Under pretenses of paying Niko for the Faustin execution, Dimitri planned an ambush of Niko, but Bellic was warned beforehand by [[Little Jacob|Jacob Hughes]] of Dimitri's untrustworthiness. The duo escaped the assassination attempt, but could not kill Dimitri or Bulgarin before they escaped. As revenge for the botched assassination, Dimitri put out a contract on the heads of Niko Bellic and his cousin [[Roman Bellic]]. Niko's apartment in [[Hove Beach]] was burned down, as well as Roman's taxi depot. The cousins were chased from [[Broker]] entirely. Dimitri would occassionally call Niko's cellphone to issue death threats as he attempted to track him down for Bulgarin. Throughout the course of the story, Dimitri would often pop up. At one point, Dimitri and Bulgarin kidnapped Roman Bellic in an attempt to lure Niko out of hiding. They had found Roman after he began gambling in high-stakes poker games, catching the eye of the Russians who were looking for him. Niko was able to rescue Roman once again without being killed, however. Dimitri was also connected in an extortion scheme to reveal an affair between deputy mayor [[Bryce Dawkins]] and his gay lover, [[Florian Cravic|Bernie Crane]]. == [[Executions|Death]] == Towards the conclusion of the story, Dimitri becomes involved in a [[wp:cocaine|cocaine]] distribution ring with the [[Pegorino Family]], particularly [[Jimmy Pegorino]]. [[Niko Bellic]] was ironically working for the Pegorinos at the time. Jimmy and Niko meet at a [[Honkers Gentlemen's Club|strip club]] in [[Tudor]], [[Alderney]]. Pegorino explains that he needs Niko to go through a deal with Dimitri. Niko is reluctant to do this deal, but he's forced so he agrees and decides what to do: ambush Dimitri or agree to the deal. If Niko decides to take revenge on Dimitri, he is found aboard the [[Platypus]] in [[East Hook|East Hook Bay]], the very same ship Niko arrived to Liberty City on. Niko starts a bloody gunfight where he ambushes the guards of the [[Russian Mafia]] then corners the unprotected [[Dimitri Rascalov]] where he executes him and lays low until the [[Mr. and Mrs. Bellic|wedding]] the next day. If Niko decides to deal for Dimitri, Niko meets his old buddy [[Phil Bell]] in a hideout in [[Port Tudor]]. They briefly greet each other then visit the drug warehouse where the deal is supposed to take place. Dimitri phones Niko and tells him that he is happy to work with the latter again and tells Niko that he killed the people that were supposed to take part in the deal, much to Niko and Phil's anger. Niko promises Phil he'll go after Rascalov later - they ambush the warehouse and steal the [[money]] first. Later, on [[Mr. and Mrs. Bellic|Roman's Wedding]], Dimitri sends [[Sergei|an assasin]] to kill Niko, but the assasin accidentaly kills Roman instead and is shot dead by Niko. Angered by his cousin's death, Niko and [[Little Jacob]] track Pegorino and Dimitri down to an abandoned casino. Niko confronts [[Jimmy Pegorino]] and Dimitri, who holds Pegorino at gunpoint. Pegorino is surprised and asks why Dimitri would turn on him as they were now succesful partners, but Dimitri simply shoots Pegorino out of greed and gets into a helicopter. Niko and Jacob pursue him in an [[Anihilator]] and both choppers crash on [[Happiness Island]]. Niko fights his way through the last of Dimitri's henchmen and confronts the latter near the [[Statue of Happiness]]. Dimitri then succumbs to his injuries and dies and his death is later announced on [[Weazel News]]. == Relationship with [[Mikhail Faustin|Faustin]] == Dimitri and Mikhail Faustin have twin tattoos on the palm of their hands which means "brothers for life". Dimitri is the calm one while Faustin yells orders all the time. However, their friendship begins to heat up after Faustin sent Niko on some dangerous stunts. It gets to such a point where Dimitri sends a text message to Niko that they have to meet at [[Hove Beach|the beach]] to talk about Mikhail. [[Niko]] arrives promptly, which leads into the mission [[The Master and the Molotov]]. Niko finds Dimitri at a bench at the beach and Rascalov explains how the only way for him and Bellic to survive is that Faustin is dead. Niko agrees to this and heads over to the [[Perestroika|cabaret club]], where Niko ambushes Faustin's crew and corners Faustin at the top of a fire escape. [[Niko Bellic|Niko]] shoots Faustin off of the club and onto the sidewalk which pleases [[Konstantin Petrovic|Petrovic]] and Rascalov. Dimitri is voiced by '''Moti Margolin'''. ==Murders commited by Dimitri== *[[Jimmy Pegorino]] (only in the "Deal" storyline) *[[Rodislav Bulgarin]] (rumoured) {{GTA IV Characters}} [[Category:Characters|Rascalov, Dimitri]] [[Category:Characters in GTA IV|Rascalov, Dimitri]]

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