Blow Fish

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Salvatore Called A Meeting
Game: Grand Theft Auto III
Mission boss: Toni Cipriani
Start location: Saint Marks
Reward: $30,000

Blow Fish is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III. It is the last mission given by Toni Cipriani and the end of the war between the Leones and the Triads.

Toni is pleased that Claude managed to get rid of the three warlords and decides that it's time to end the war between the Leones and the Triads, with the Leones winning. His plan is to sneak a bomb into the Triad fish factory, killing tons of Triads and wiping out their largest front. The only man that could supply a bomb for this, of course, is 8-Ball.

Claude goes up to 8-Ball's and finds that the Trashmaster is already fitted with the bomb and ready. Claude grabs it and drives it carefully, making sure that it doesn't explode while he's still driving it. Eventually, he gets to the Fish Factory and the gates are opened. Claude, following orders, parks it right by the gast tanks in the back of the factory. He then escapes, dodging Triad fire, and gets clear of the area just in time to watch the fish fly out of the factory. The war going on ends, all thanks to Claude.

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