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Heya. I'm currently working on creating the missing mission pages and then looking them all over again to fix 'em.

Image:Russian Mafia.jpg|thumb|From left to right: My brother Alphonso, his girlfriend Lola, and me. From our vacation to Los Santos. Checking in on our pals and helping them when they got shot.

Grand Theft Auto III=

- Staunton Island Missions.
- Shoreaisde Vale Missions.

Vice City

- East Island Missions
- West Island Missions

San Andreas Missions

- Los Santos Missions
- Badlands Missions
- San Fierro Missions
- Desert Missions
- Las Venturas Missions
- Los Santos II Missions

Liberty City Stories Missions

- Portland Missions
- Staunton Island Missions
- Shoreside Vale Missions

Vice City Stories Missions

note: have not played game so I won't write VCS missions