Marked Man

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Marked Man
For Ray Machowski
Location Belleville Park, Liberty City
Reward $20,000 and bulletproof Patriot
Unlocked by Plaster Blaster

Marked Man is the last mission given by Ray Machowski to protagonist Claude in Grand Theft Auto III.


Claude drops by the toilet block in Belleville Park and Ray is a "marked man" and needs to escape Liberty City. He wants Claude to take him to the Francis International Airport so he can catch his plane out of the city to Miami. However, the Shoreside Lift Bridge is being watched by C.I.A. operatives, so they need to find a different route, one of them being the Porter Tunnel. Once they reach the airport, Ray gives Claude the keys to a lockup in Newport containing a bulletproof Patriot, a rocket launcher, a sniper rifle, an M16, and a flamethrower as well as some money.


(Claude goes to the toilet block, Ray Machowski, Claude.)

Ray Machowski: You weren't followed? Good. This is it, I'm way over my head and I'm starting to drown here! The CIA seem to have a vested interest in SPANK and they don't like us screwing with the Cartel. I'm a marked man, so I'm getting out of here. Get me to my flight at the airport and I'll make it worth your while!

(Claude and Ray arrive in the Airport.)

Ray Machowski: Here's a key to a lock-up. You'll find some cash and 'supplies' I'd stashed in case things got tight. See y'around.


The reward for completing the mission is 20,000$ and a bulletproof Patriot. Ray also pages Claude immediately after the mission:

Ray Machowski: Take care of my bulletproof Patriot... See you around in Miami. - Ray


  • The mission is the only one in GTA III to make mention of Miami. It can be assumed the idea of using its fictional counterpart, Vice City, has yet to materialize.
  • It is possible to get to Francis International Airport via bridge using a Rhino tank, which is heavily damageproof and will not get any harm from the C.I.A. bullets. Although, the Rhino can be only acquired by using cheats.
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