Grand Theft Wiki:Languages

The official language of Grand Theft Wiki is British English. However, American English is often used, under certain conditions.

British or American English

This wiki uses British English for all official documentation, announcements and on-site messages.

However, we recognise that our users are from all over the world. In support of this, we allow either American or British English spellings to be used in articles, under two conditions:

  • Spellings must never contradict official spellings given (such as names for in-game businesses, dialogue or official quotes).
  • Spellings should be consistent throughout any single page (not switching between different spellings in different paragraphs)

It is NOT acceptable behaviour for users to go around changing spellings to American English, just because that's the language variation they prefer to use. This could be seen as an attempt to subvert the direction of this wiki, or as a rejection of this wiki's international heritage.

There are three main reasons why GTW uses British English as its standard language:

  • The users of GTW come from all over the world (not just the US and UK), and British English is used much more internationally
  • The creator and numerous staff of GTW are from the UK
  • GTA games are created by Rockstar Games, from Scotland, UK

Other Languages

Grand Theft Wiki is not currently available in any other languages.

If other GTA wikis choose to leave Wikia, we can host them and their language interwiki links will be reactivated

Any Grand Theft Wiki article can be viewed in another language using the dropdown menu at the bottom of the sidebar. This simply translates the page. Unfortunately, it is not possible to edit in other languages.