Street Sweeper

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Street Sweeper
Manny Escuela with police officer Francis McReary.

Manny Escuela with police officer Francis McReary.
For Manny Escuela
Location South Bohan
Reward $1100
Unlocks Luck of the Irish
Unlocked by Escuela of the Streets
For the street sweeping vehicle in GTA San Andreas, see Sweeper. For street sweepers seen on the streets in GTA IV, see Liberty Sanitation Department.

Street Sweeper is a mission for Manny Escuela in Grand Theft Auto IV. Manny wants the streets "cleaned" and send you to hit some thugs in a garage. The mission introduces drive-by shooting to the player.


Head over to the nearby car repair shop on Windmill St. Stay in your vehicle, because some of the goons will try to escape in a car. Chase the car and ignore the guys in the garage for now. Shoot the guy quickly, put it in flames as fast as you can because if the car gets out of range of the car shop, the mission will fail. Once the car (or the guys inside) are dead, head back to the garage and finish the thugs inside. The cops will probably be on you by now, so be careful when you head back to the garage; the cops and the goons in the garage will both be shooting at you. But, if your lucky, the guys shooting at you will attract the cops' attention and the police will start firing on them. Whatever happens, when everyone is dead, the mission is passed.

There is also a very quick way to complete this mission. If you have a Micro-SMG, do a drive-by on the driver of the Primo through the windscreen. Of course the guy besides him will come out. Shoot him from the car too and then run over on all the other gang members who might be taking cover by now. After this, get out of the area right away with no cops onto you. Mission complete. No fuss, no chase, no cops.