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This page will list the confirmed information for the Grand Theft Auto IV game.

General Information

Release Dates

  • North America: October 16th 2007
  • Europe: October 19th 2007

Graphics Engine

Grand Theft Auto IV will be powered by the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine, otherwise known as RAGE, which has been developed by Rockstar Games. RAGE graphics were also used in Rockstar Presents Table Tennis.


Grand Theft Auto IV will appear on both PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, released simultaneously. The game may also be released for the PC, as all the previous Grand Theft Auto games have been. A Nintendo Wii version is highly improbable due to the difference in power between the console and the PS3 and Xbox 360.

A Grand Theft Auto IV trailer for the Nintendo Wii was released on April 1st 2007 by Jordan Liles, the webmaster of Planet Grand Theft Auto, as an April fools. The trailer, which uses footage from Grand Theft Auto III and Tommy Vercetti as the protagonist, can be viewed on Google video. [1]


The protagonist has yet to be officially confirmed, although it is likely that the eastern European character seen in the trailer would be the protagonist. During the trailer, he says: "Life is complicated. I've killed people, smuggled people, sold people. Perhaps here, things will be different..."


Grand Theft Auto IV will be set in Liberty City, which will be a different rendition of the city than seen in either Grand Theft Auto or the Grand Theft Auto III era. The city is based around New York City, with many landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty being seen during the first trailer. However, evidence shows that the city will be called Liberty City.

  • Liberty Tree, the Liberty City based newspaper from the GTA III era returns.
  • An I Love Liberty City sign can be seen during the trailer, close to the Liberty Tree sign.
  • A Liberty City Police Department police car can be seen in a Downtown-like area of the city.
  • A Welcome to Liberty City sign can also be seen under the Liberty Tree sign.
  • The Liberty Ferry Terminal, along with a boat saying Liberty on the right of the screen are seen in a dock area.
  • A Platypus ship has the words Liberty City written on the back.

The year the game is set in has yet to be confirmed. However the Hearst Tower, or the GTA IV rendition, is visible in the trailer. The building was finished in early 2006, hinting that the game maybe set in 2006.

Episodic Content

Episodic content has been confirmed for the Xbox 360 version. This was confirmed at the 2006 E³ during the Microsoft press conference. Peter Moore, head of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business division, made the announcement that two downloadable packs of extra content would become available via Xbox Live. The episodic content was described by Moore as being 'epic', with Take-Two Interactive announcing that the content will become available during 2008. The actual date has yet to be confirmed.

Episodic content may become available for the PlayStation 3 version, although nothing has been confirmed. There are rumours that the content will be different to that confirmed for the Xbox 360.

The content will feature "hours of entirely new gameplay", not just cars and new characters. There has been no information on the price of the content, and the exclusivity of the content is vague in detail.


  • Air units appear on some buildings, attached on windows, and have gases coming out from them.
  • Vice City exists in the GTA 4 era, as a sign can be seen reading "Visit Vice City - $300. However, there is no information on whether Vice City will be explorable.
  • A rollercoaster called 'Screamer' and a ferris wheel appear in the game.
  • Roads are not flat, and have bumps in them. A construction plate also appears during the trailer, which may suggest that road works occur in the game.
  • Pedestrians can alter their rear view mirror whilst driving.
  • Car rims spin, unlike in previous Grand Theft Auto games.
  • Litter will appear on the street.
  • Pedestrians will sit on the steps to housing.
  • The Liberty Ferry Terminal will appear in the game, suggesting some sort of ferry system similar to GTA: Liberty City Stories.
  • The Statue of Liberty will appear in the game, along with a church similar to that in Grand Theft Auto III.
  • Seagulls and pigeons appear in the game.
  • Newspaper stands are in the game and some pedestrians have been spotted reading newspapers.
  • A police officer can be seen drinking whilst on the job, suggesting that pedestrians may also eat/drink during the game.
  • Hot dog stands are present.
  • Disabled ramps can also be seen on a police building.
  • Bus stops appear.
  • Some pedestrians walk through parts of buildings, including the disabled ramp at a police building.
  • Some pedestrians carry groceries, bags, books, backpacks and newspaper. These items can be dropped and left by pedestrians. One pedestrian has been seen to drop a book and continue walking. Meanwhile dock workers have been seen to carry planks of wood and possibly tools.
  • Similar looking character models appear wearing different clothing.
  • Some pedestrians will fight on the street.
  • Some speculate that children maybe in the game, including at this screenshot [2]. The 'child' in this screenshot may turn out to be a round post of the bench.
  • Graffiti appears on the side of a delivery van.
  • Characters appear to have individual fingers, unlike in previous GTA games.


  • Bank of Liberty - Bank with branches on Columbus Avenue and Calcium Street.
  • Bean Machine - Coffee Shop.
  • Burger Shot - Fast-food restaurant (returns from GTA III era)
  • Cluckin' Bell - Fast-food restaurant (returns from GTA III era)
  • eCola - Soda company (returns from GTA III era)
  • FLEECA - Unknown business.
  • flyUS - Airline company
  • GetaLife - Unknown business, a parody of the MetLife insurance company.
  • Kronos - Watch company (returns from GTA III era)
  • Liberteen - Unknown business.
  • Liberty Tree - Newspaper, with the slogan "Yesterday's News Today (returns from GTA III era)
  • Logger Beer - Beer company (returns from GTA III era)
  • Max Renda - Appears to be a make-up line, possibly a parody of Max Factor.
  • Mega Mart - Market, which has the following goods for sale: Silver, watches, sports wear, games, glasses and shirts.
  • ME TV Theater - Theater (returns from GTA III era)
  • Platypus - Possibly a shipping company. A ship has the word Platypus written on it.
  • RON - Unknown business type. A RON building is located by the Ferry Terminal, and a pedestrian wears a RON t-shirt.
  • Shodi - Unknown business.
  • Sprunk - Soda company (returns from GTA III era)
  • Whiz - Cell/mobile phone company



  • Train - Elevated train with platforms (similar to Portland El), visible at the start of the trailer.
  • Monorail - Can be seen alongside a bridge.