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AWOL Angel is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The mission becomes available after completing Love on the Rocks for Donald Love. To start this mission go to Wichita Gardens in Shoreside Vale. Go up in the upper apartment complex. Once there go behind the apartment and you should see an Angel parked near a door. The mission will start when you get on the bike. This is required for 100%. And after completion you can return to the bike and try to beat your best score.


Just like with Scooter Shooter, and 9mm Mayhem you will have to do a drive-by on various targets under 3 minutes. You will get three adrenaline pills. The goal for this mission is to eliminate more than 10 targets. For this you will get an M60 with a driver on an Angel. Also you will get a damage meter, if it fills up completely you will fail the mission. And instead of dying you just respawn back to the starting point.

Targets 1-5

The first two targets are Securicars without any protection. For these just shoot them. The first one will give you $7 as a reward. The second will give you $28. The third target is when they start using protection. This one is a bobcat with a gunman wielding an MP5. From this point on it would help to kill the gunman then the vehicle. The reward for this one is $63. The next target is the same but with a reward of $112. Next is a landstalker introducing a gunman with an M4 carbine. This is where you would probably wants to use an adrenaline pill. Once you destroy it you will get $175.

Targets 6-11

The next set of targets will have more gunman in the car making it harder to survive. The sixth target is the same as target 5. When this one is eliminated you will receive $252. Next is a patriot with two gunman with M4s. Once this is destroyed you will get $343. Target 8 & 9 are the same as 7 this time with a cash reward of $448 for 8 and $567 for 9. The next two targets will make it extremely hard to survive. These next two are barracks trucks with one gunman with an MP5 and two others with M4s. Once these are destroyed you pass the mission and also get $700 for 10 & $847 for 11.


  • Wait to use an adrenaline pill for targets 7-11.
  • To use another heavy artillery weapon enter a weapon cheat in while on the bike. However the Rocket Launcher won't work.

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