An Old Friend

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An Old Friend
Sonny Forelli talking to Tommy Vercetti for the first time since his release from prison.

Sonny Forelli talking to Tommy Vercetti for the first time since his release from prison.
Game GTA Vice City
For Sonny Forelli
Location Ocean View Hotel, Ocean Beach, Vice City
Fail None.
Reward Ocean View Hotel Safehouse
Unlocks The Party
Unlocked by Introduction

An Old Friend is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Sonny Forelli from the Ocean View Hotel, located along Ocean Drive in Ocean Beach, Vice City. The mission consists of non-interactive cutscenes, which can be skipped by the player.


Tommy enters the Ocean View Hotel and begins to go up to his room. After entering his room, he calls his boss Sonny Forelli, Don of the Forelli Family. Sonny wants to know how the drug deal involving Tommy and the Vance Crime Family went. Tommy informs him that the deal was ambushed and that both Harry and Lee, who had accompanied him, are dead. Sonny becomes irate and tells Tommy that he has got to at least have the money with him, something Tommy then responds to by saying he doesn't have with him. An irate Sonny reminds Tommy that he is 'not a man to be messed with' and that he will have to get his money back, telling him that had he been someone else, he would be killed. Tommy reassures Sonny that he will get the money back. The phone conversation ends, with Tommy throwing the phone on the floor in anger.


Tommy Vercetti: Hello Sonny.

Sonny Forelli: Tommy! Tommy, it's been too long. I know, I know. You're just overwhelmed with emotion. Fifteen years - seems like only yesterday.

Tommy Vercetti: I guess that's a perspective thing.

Sonny Forelli: Hey, doing time for the family is no piece of cake, but the family looks after its own, ok? So, how'd the deal go down - you sitting on some white gold?

Tommy Vercetti: Look Sonny, we were set up. The deal was an ambush. Harry and Lee are dead.

Sonny Forelli: You better be kidding me Tommy. Tell me you still got the money.

Tommy Vercetti: Sonny...I don't have the money.

Sonny Forelli: That was my money, Tommy, MY MONEY! You better not be screwing me Tommy because you know I'm not a man to be screwed with!

Tommy Vercetti: Wait Sonny. You have my personal assurance that I'm going to get your money back and the drugs. And I'm gonna mail you the dicks of those responsible.

Sonny Forelli: Hey, I already know that. You're not a fool Tommy, but I warn you, neither am I. If it was anybody else you'd be DEAD already. But because it's you, because we got history, I'm gonna let you handle this.

Tommy Vercetti: Look, Sonny, you got my word.

Sonny Forelli: I'll be in touch.


There is no monetary reward for completing the mission. The Ocean View Hotel as a safehouse and the mission The Party are both unlocked.


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