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Appearances GTA Vice City
Full Name Lee


Gender Gender::Male
Place of Birth Liberty City
Date of Death 1986 (during Introduction)
Nationality American
Home Liberty City
Main Affiliations Sonny Forelli (until 1986)
Harry (until 1986)
Forelli Family
Tommy Vercetti (1986)
Occupation Gang member

For other uses of "Lee", see Lee (GTA CW), Lee Chong, Lee Majors, Lee Vitout or the Lee Family.

Lee is a character in the 3D Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He is a member of the Forelli Family and known associate of Don Sonny Forelli. He is not voiced during his only appearance.

Character history

Lee at an unknown time joined the Forelli Family and, by 1986, had earned the trust of Don Sonny Forelli. In 1986 Sonny sent Lee, Harry and the recently paroled Tommy Vercetti to Vice City in an attempt to expand the family's operations into the drugs trade. The three are met at Escobar International Airport by their only contact in the city, lawyer Ken Rosenberg, who drives them to Viceport where they're scheduled to meet Victor and Lance Vance to purchase drugs. Shortly after the deal is done, Ricardo Diaz' men ambush the deal, killing Lee, Harry and Victor Vance. Vercetti later informs Sonny of the deaths of Lee and Harry, although Sonny is more angry at the loss of money than either of the deaths.

Mission appearance

GTA Vice City