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The Appearance property is for showing which game/s the content is featured in.

For example, Carl Johnson appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas only.

The correct input for this is the mid-form name of the game, such as: GTA 2, GTA III, GTA Vice City, The Lost and Damned.

Do not use the short forms (GTA SA) or game codes (SA), or the full-length titles (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas).

The easy way to get the right form of the name is to use {{game}}.

Template Code

For a template, use {{appearance}} to:

  • Take an input of any variation of the game's title (long or short forms) as {{{input}}}
  • Display the mid-form game name
  • Link to the full page title
  • Set the appearance property to the mid-form game name