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The following is a script of the mission "Blood Brothers" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Francis: Why didn't you tell me Derrick was back?

Niko: What?

Francis: Why didn't you tell me you was hanging around with my brother?

Niko: I assumed if you cared, you'd have found out.

Francis: Well, I have found out! Jesus. You know Derrick's not well>

Niko: No?

Francis: No. He's sick. Always was. He's always off getting involved in someone else's fight. Making a fool of himself. Betraying people. Going into hiding. He's an idiot... and a coward.

Niko: It's not my business.

Francis: Whatever he stood for, he betrayed. He only left here in the first place because he was caught stealing... from the Mafia! He's a pathetic wretch.

Niko: Okay, I got it, so?

Francis: Now, he's going to ruin my life! If it wasn't bad enough having a bunch of crooks for brothers, now I've got him threatening to talk to a journalist! About his family, about me!

Niko: Well, tell him to be quiet.

Francis: I am trying to become the Commissioner of Police. I'll be a laughing stock. A cop with a famous, snitching traitor for a brother. You know, the crooks I can handle, see that I can spin, but not this. Not this.

Niko: You've got a big problem then.

Francis: Me? Uh-uh. We, my friend. We. You stop him.

Niko: Stop?

Francis: Shh. Stop.

Niko: Kill your brother?

Francis: He's already dead. Just put him out of his misery.

Niko: Fuck you.

Francis: No, fuck you, pal. I'm going to meet him in the courtyard park off Bismark in Lancet. Deal with him. Make him a tragedy, not a disaster. Do it, or I will put you away. Oh - don't push me.

(Niko heads to the meeting place and Derrick calls him)

Derrick: Niko, thank fuck you answered. Frankie arranged to meet me at this park on Bismark, I think he's gonna try to kill me. Cops can kill who they like. Do you know the place? Are you close? Can you get there in time?

Niko: I think I can make the meeting.

Derrick: You gotta take him out before he makes a move. This is Cain and Abel stuff, I'm telling you. Question is, which one of us is gonna be wandering the earth with a mark on his head and who's gonna be six feet under, you know? This phone's running out a batteries, shit. Look after me, Niko.

(If Niko doesn't answer his phone, Derrick will text him instead)

Hey boy - you ain't answering your phone. I think Frankie is going to kill me, wants to meet in a park off Bismark. You got to take him out before he gets me. D

(Niko goes to the park and calls Francis)

Niko: Francis, I'm ready. What is the plan?

Francis: I hope you've got over yourself and are ready for some fratricide. Don't forget that I still got dirt on you. I know this ain't nice, but neither of us has a choice.

Niko: It's sounding like I've got no choice. One McReary brother is going to get me to kill another.

Francis: That's what I like to hear. I want you to take the window cleaning elevator on one of the buildings round back of the courtyard. Get in position and put Derrick out of his misery. Shit, I better get ready to act surprised. Don't miss, Niko. You might hit me.

Niko: I'll hit who I'm aiming at, don't worry.

(Niko gets in position and Derrick meets Francis in the park)

Francis: Derrick, my brother.

Derrick: Frankie, what's this about? I've gotta say. I'm nervous about this little meeting.

Francis: Shit, when I heard you was back I nearly shat myself. Sit down. Why didn't you call me? You coulda slept on my couch. I'm doing real well for myself, real well. I'm sorry about how life turned out for you.

(While deciding who to shoot, Niko can optionally call Francis)

Francis: Just a second here, Derrick. I gotta speak to one of the sergeants. Hey, what's the problem? I thought you were going to make something happen for me?

Niko: I'm not so sure about it.

Francis: What's going to make you sure? You want me to give you a raise?

Niko: That might help.

Francis: Alright then, call it a bonus. Make this happen.

(Or, if Niko declines)

Niko: It's not the money. I just don't feel right.

Francis: Then start feeling right, I got you by the balls here. Don't you forget about that.

(If Niko shoots Derrick, Francis will stand over Derrick's dead body)

Francis: I'm a police officer. Come one, clear the area, clear the area. Derrick... shit. He's my brother.

Post mission phone calls


Niko: I did what you wanted me to do, I killed your brother.

Francis: You don't think I know that. Christ, it happened right in front of me. I could feel you looking at me through that scope.

Niko: Well, it's done. You and me are over. At least Gerry and Packie are honest about what they do. You're a crook hiding behind his badge and a reputation. You know what, Frankie boy - I'm going to use that. I ever feel the heat on me, I'll call you. And you're going to make shit go away. That cool?

Francis: Sounds like I don't have a choice.


Derrick: Shit, you did it. A bolt of lightning from outta the fucking blue. I really got the feeling it was him or me back there.

Niko: You don't know the half.

Derrick: This is the last bit of juice I got on this thing.

Post mission text message

Ok Niko - I've set something up. Call me if you're getting a little heat from my cop buddies and I'll see what I can do. - Francis

Failing the mission

Both brothers survive

Francis: What the fuck? I thought you could shoot. The amount of smack my brother's gonna have to do to calm himself down after that.

Niko: Maybe you'll get lucky and he'll die of an overdose.

Francis: Cute, but he's a mule. No amount of smack could take him down. You're a real screw up, Niko.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Derrick: Jesus. Frankie, I'm sorry. May God forgive us for what we've done.

Derrick: May God forgive us for what we've done.