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Blue Blood is a film in the HD Universe which was released in 1986. Felix Shark directed the film with Peter Dreyfuss as producer. Kelly Mills, Mike Rodriguez, Vinnie Walker and Lucy Ford all star in the film.'s description

The Vinewood brat pack are reunited in yet another coming-of-age story about narcissistic Rockford Hills high school graduates partying hard for one last summer before they all for college. Wrecked sports cars, bodies in swimming pools, emptied trust funds, botched abortions, piles of cocaine, it's what the 80s were all about. What happens when ten impossibly vacuous and good-looking 18-year-olds become disillusioned with all their wealth and privilege? They party 'til people die, accompanied by a wickde synthesizer soundtrack. It's a theme that every young person can relate to. Acclaimed by some as the quintessential depiction of rich, decadent youth culture in 1980s Los Santos. It has stood the test of time as a fantastic masturbation movie.'s comments

  • scintillect (3/10): if there was an award for least likeable characters this would have cleaned up.
  • chilifest34 (10/10): I kicked the drugs with electrotoke. It really works!
  • bogiegargla (8/10): Coked-up 80s sex. What I'd do for a time machine.
  • grassymanor (2/10): I was disappointed when they didn't all die.
  • sweatyhat9 (0/10): @chilifest34, Any more spam you'll be banned.