Los Santos in GTA V

Los Santos
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
State: San Andreas
Population: 4,000,000

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Los Santos is a fictional city in the state of San Andreas appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The city is bordered by Blaine County to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the east, south and west. The city has various cultures visible throughout from the film-making Vinewood to the gang-controlled areas like Strawberry. The city of Davis is located within Los Santos. Los Santos is based on the real-life city of Los Angeles, California. A different version of Los Santos previously appeared in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Gang influence

The city is home to two African-American gangs, the Ballas and The Families who have a long term feud. The gangs have confronted one another in the past in areas such as Chamberlain Hills, Davis and Strawberry. The city also has three Hispanic gangs: the Los Santos Vagos, Los Varrios Aztecas and Marabunta Grande. The Los Santos Vagos, by 2013 (the setting of both GTA V and GTA Online) had almost entirely pushed the Los Varrios Aztecas out of the city. The Lost Brotherhood motorcycle gang also has a limited degree of influence in the city while the Madrazo Cartel also have influence, with their leader Martin Madrazo living just outside Los Santos. The Wei Cheng Triads also have at least one front in the city, a meat processing plant, and a number of businesses in the docks. In 2013, with the arrival of Trevor Philips, his gang Trevor Philips Industries also establishes a front in the city. Merryweather Security Consulting, described as a private army for hire, also operate within the city for private individuals or companies.

Law enforcement

The Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) serves Los Santos and their motto is "Obey and Survive". The LSPD has stations across the city's poorer neighbourhoods and can sometimes be seen chasing criminals throughout the city. The LSPD will chase the player if they have obtained a wanted level. The LSPD are accused of corruption and racism, including by Franklin Clinton. NOOSE operate out of Los Santos International Airport. The FIB and IAA both have buildings within the city, although both are later broken into.


Many landmarks from the Greater Los Angeles Area appear in Los Santos in GTA V. See Landmarks in Los Santos in GTA V for a full list.


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