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Bullwhip Fury was a film in the HD Universe directed by Arvell Kane, produced by J. Lee Andrews and written by Sam Parker. The film was released in 1952.


The film follows Cal Bradshaw, played by Dutch London, a Llama farmer who one day wakes up to discover his herd has been slaughtered and jumps to the conclusion that either Indians or ethnic minorities were responsible. He leaves his wife at home and goes across the 'dusty plains' killing any people from an ethnic minority he encounters in 'increasingly creative whip-and-bull combination death sequences' with his new friend, a plucky prostitute called Penny Lace played by Betsy O'Neil, whose STD results in her having a 'murderous hatred' of 'Indian savage, after some past slight'.


Classicvinewood.com's description

Through modern eyes, "Bullwhip Fury" can seem horribly misogynistic and racist, and it is, but it's ok to enjoy it because it's old. It received standing ovations when it was released in 1952, so shoudl be enjoyed as it was intended: a classic "pre-Civil Rights" romp through the Old West slaughtering the indigenous population and dragging girls to the bedroom by their hair. Cal Bradshaw, played by one of the best scowlers in Western history, Dutch London, is a Llama rancher who lives a simple, brooding life on the Frontier. When he awakens one morning to find all his cattle slaughtered, there's only one conclusion to jump to despite no evidence to support it: Indians or minorities. Cal straps his massive bullwhip to his belt, saddles up and sets off in search of revenge; leaving his new bridge behind to cook and clean like the good Lord intended. After getting into a drunken bar fight minutes later, he befriends the plucky prostitute Penny Lace - played by America's sweetheart Betsy O'Neil - who turns out to have an STD that has given her murderous hatred of the Indian savages, after some past slight that never gets full explained. Together they make love and fight their way across the dusty plains, transferring responsibility for their grievances to any ethnic minority dumb enough to cross their path and subjecting them to increasingly creative whip-and-gun combination death sequences.

Note - London left his real wife at the time for O'Neil and his real wife later became transgender.

Classicvinewood.com's comments

  • hihosilva (7/10): I love it when Cal uses the whip to take off Penny's girdle!
  • macawfan (6/10): Dutch London, now there's a real man.
  • stetsonnyboy (10/10): Most awesome Western of all time!
  • flubmonkey (1/10): This is like a white power recruitment video.
  • gailclipper (6/10): There are no actresses like Betsy O'Neil any more : (
  • dingding88 (5/10): That whip must be like carrying a python around.
  • peepoop3 (3/10): I heard Betsy O'Neil blew her way to more acting roles than Poppy Mitchell.
  • franberry (2/10): London was a chicken hawk. The closest he got to the second world war was a Dutch flophouse.
  • lassusan (5/10): Killing foreigners and abusing women. A perfect role for London, that right-wing maniac. No method acting required.