Citizens Raging Against Phones

Citizens Raging Against Phones, abbreviated as CRAP, is a lobby group in Grand Theft Auto III.


Mentioned exclusively on Chatterbox FM, CRAP's social agenda is to completely halt the use of the telephone in the whole of Liberty City by rounding up those who use the telephone onto an island as punishment, justifying that the use of mobile phones in public is an annoyance and distraction.

The president of CRAP appears on Chatterbox to soapbox about her plans with the organization (at one point stating they organize meetings using carrier pigeons, which mysteriously go missing), but is promptly ridiculed by Chatterbox host Lazlow, after learning of the laughable abbreviation of the group name's, as well as CRAP's minuscule membership (CRAP only has 3 members). After failing to defend herself from Lawlow's rebuttals, the entire conversation degenerates into an exchange of child-like insults, mostly from CRAP's side, suggesting the organization is not as influential (or even matured) as it seems.


  • It is implied that CRAP's carrier pigeons are captured and eaten by another resident of the city who enjoys eating unusual forms of meat. He appears earlier in Chatterbox, discussing the various animals he consumes, as well as claiming the pigeons he caught are "like fortune cookies with wings".

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