This section outlines the controls of driving cars in the GTA series.

  • GTA1 and GTA 2 need to be added, XBox/360, PSP controls need to be added

GTA III — GTA Vice City Stories

PlayStation 2

Cross Accelerate
Square Brake/reverse
Triangle Enter/exit vehicle
Circle Shoot while in Drive-By mode
R2/L2 Look right/left respectively
L1 Change radio stations (GTA III, Vice City, LCS, VCS)
R1 Handbrake
D-Pad Up/D-Pad Down Change radio stations (San Andreas)
Select Cycle views


Right Trigger Accelerate
Left Trigger Brake/reverse
Y Enter/exit vehicle
Right Analog Stick Button Shoot while in Drive-By mode (GTA III, Vice City)
A/B Shoot while in Drive-By mode (San Andreas)
Right Analog Stick Look right/left (GTA III, Vice City)
Black/White Look right/left respectively (San Andreas)
Black Change radio stations (GTA III, Vice City)
B Handbrake (GTA III, Vice City)
X Handbrake (San Andreas)
D-Pad Up/D-Pad Down Change radio stations (San Andreas)
White Cycle views (GTA III, Vice City)
Back Cycle views (San Andreas)

PC (defaults)

Up Arrow - Accelerate

Down Arrow - Brake/Reverse

Left Arrow - Turn left

Right Arrow - Turn Right

H - Horn/Siren

Q - Look Left

E - Look right

Return - Enter Vehicle


(To be added)


GTA IV — GTA Chinatown Wars

In the GTA IV Era the controls undertook a change, to make driving easier

PlayStation 3

R2 Accelerate
L2 Brake/Reverse
R1/Cross Handbrake
L1 Break window/Shoot
Triangle Enter/Exit vehicle
Square Cycle weapons
Circle Cinematic camera
Select Cycle views

Xbox 360

  • RT to accelerate
  • LT to brake, reverse
  • RB/A for handbrake
  • LB break window/shoot
  • Y enter/exit vehicle
  • X cycle weapons (pistol/grenades/sub-machine guns)
  • B cinematic view
  • Back change camera view

PC (Defaults)

  • W to accelerate
  • S to brake, reverse
  • Spacebar to apply handbrake
  • Left Mouse Button to attack/shoot
  • F to enter/exit a vehicle
  • Mousewheel to cycle weapons
  • 0-9 to select a weapon directly
  • V to change camera view
  • Caps Lock for cinematic view

Nintendo DS

(To be added)