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For the ability to perform drive-by shooting, see here.

Game GTA San Andreas
For Sweet
Target Perform drive-bys on Ballas members.
Location Ganton, Los Santos
Fail Death of Carl Johnson
Arrest of Carl Johnson
Death of Sweet
Death of Big Smoke
Death of Ryder
Destruction of the Greenwood
Reward Respect
Unlocks Sweet's Girl
Home Invasion
Unlocked by Nines and AKs

Drive-By is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by his brother, deuteragonist and Grove Street Families leader Sean "Sweet" Johnson from his house in Ganton, Los Santos, San Andreas.


Sweet and childhood friend Lance "Ryder" Wilson are having a conversation where Ryder claims he can drive as good as Carl, who just drops in and confronts him over the remark. However, while Ryder continues to diss Carl over his driving skills, Sweet asks Ryder to put trust in him and also demonstrate to Carl his shooting skills. Ryder dismisses the conversation by saying Carl can drive, while Sweet laughs it off.

Later, they are joined by childhood friend Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris, and all of them intend to perform some drive-bys on Ballas gang members and Carl decides to be their driver. The crew arrives by a number of spots where Ballas gang members usually hang around and performs a couple of drive-bys, killing every gang member attacking them. After finishing off every enemy gang member, the four catch police attention and manage to lose it by driving to the Pay 'n' Spray in Idlewood. They drive back to Grove Street and decide to stay away from any heat for the rest of the day.


Ryder: I can drive as well as CJ, man, I'm telling you. (bumps into Carl)

(Sweet laughs, Carl arrives.)

Ryder: (to Carl) Hey, homie, whassup?

CJ: Hey, what you saying about me, fool?

Sweet: Wassup, man?

Ryder: (as they start leaving) I'm saying that the East Coast made you drive like an idiot, fool! Man, you always crashing cars and shit. And for some reason now you back, all it is, is 'CJ drive here, CJ drive there.' Bullshit!

Sweet: Man, why don't you take it easy.

Ryder: No disrespect, man, but you can't drive for shit!

CJ: Thanks, man. (stops Ryder) No, no, no, say what you really mean.

Sweet: (to Ryder) You such a good gunman, homie, you gotta ride shotgun. Show CJ what's cracking.

Ryder: Hey, you know something - you're right. Yeah, CJ, you can drive, homie.

Sweet: He's trippin'.

(Carl, Sweet, Smoke and Ryder enter Sweet's Greenwood and Carl starts driving.)

Ryder: Where we going, homie?

Sweet: Rollin' Heights Ballas country. Do us a little drive-by, huh.

Ryder: You know somethin', matter of fact, you're our chaffeur for this little gig. C'mon.

CJ: Gee, thanks G.

Ryder: Just don't drive like no fool.

(The gang arrives at Jefferson.)

Sweet: Yeah - Ballas turf. You dogs ready?

CJ: Yeah, for sure, I'm ready.

Sweet: Carl, just concentrate on the driving and we'll take care of the shooting.

Ryder: Listen to the man, fool! And try not to park us up a tree or something.

Sweet: Yeah, if the car stops, we're dead meat. Okay, let's roll on those Ballas.

(They kill the first group.)

Big Smoke: We iced them! CJ, let's hunt down some more!

(They kill a second group.)

Sweet: That was way too easy! Let's go blast on some more Balla fools.

(They kill a third group by the alleyway.)

Ryder: What you waiting for, CJ? Find us some more Ballas so we can cap 'em.

(The group kills the last group in Glen Park, with the police on the trail.)

Sweet: Smash on it, Carl, smash!

(Carl gets the gang losing the cops.)

Sweet: Yeah, Grove is back, man, Grove is back!

Carl Johnsno: Yeah for sure. They was slippin' man!

Ryder: Man. I'm shocked you didn't get us killed, CJ! Let me check myself. Am I dead?

Sweet: Hey, Carl, ignore that motherfucker, you did good today.

(They arrive in Grove Street.)

Sweet: You're down with the Grove and the Ballas know it, so watch yourself from now on, CJ.

Carl Johnson: Yeah, yeah, for sure, you know that. I'll see y'all later.

Big Smoke: Here, take this, go get yourself some beers. (they all exit)


The reward for completing this mission is $500 and increased respect. The missions Home Invasion and Sweet's Girl are unlocked. Ballas gang members will now turn violent against Carl and will attack him every time he's spotted driving or walking past them.


It is possible to unlock the entire map for head-up display view during the mission. Instead of entering in Sweet's Greenwood, one can traverse the locked areas beforehand without police attention, as the wanted level is programmed only to be attained after the drive-by at Glen Park. This also allows for all collectibles to be obtained and the flying skill to be upgraded before entering the Greenwood, as some of the Snapshots and Horseshoes are located at a high altitude or in a locked area and will require aircraft. However, two Horseshoes, one on top of a hoarding east of the market in Pilgrim, and another on top of the towered structure in Come-A-Lot which faces The Four Dragons Casino, are a huge gamble. Any major loss of health or an on-platform aircraft, especially in the latter case, will result in death and failure of the mission.

Further, flying any aircraft in the vicinity of the Restricted Area at a sufficiently low altitude will cause S.A.M. sites to open fire, and since the player is not at all equipped with parachutes at this stage, death will most likely follow suit unless proper forward momentum is maintained while escaping. However, much of this is otherwise easy.


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