Grand Theft Wiki:Merge

On Friday 12th December 2007, Grand Theft Wiki merged with This document explains the reasons behind this move, and the issues it creates.

Why the move?

Wikia have acquired Grand Theft Wiki from its creator User:Xenon (now User:Gboyers).

Grand Theft Wiki will continue to exist as its own site, and all the content, staff and policies will remain in place. However we have added in all the users, staff, images and content from to create a much bigger and better wiki. Also, Wikia will ensure GTW is actively promoted to the gaming community.

How is the move happening

  • Grand Theft Wiki will first be moved to Wikia, and be imported as a new wikia wiki, still called "Grand Theft Wiki" (done)
  • All users on Grand Theft Wiki will be merged into the Wikia central user database (done)
  • The existing content from will be merged into the new Grand Theft Wiki (done - see List)
  • The [] domain name will redirect to (done), and later that will become the main domain name for the wiki

User Accounts

  • If your GTW username is the same as your Wikia username, and the two accounts have the same email address, the two accounts have been merged.
  • If your GTW username does not exist on Wikia, it has been created.
    • If you already have an account on Wikia under a different username, they can be merged at a later date
    • please request at Grand Theft Wiki talk:Merge
  • If your GTW username already exists on Wikia (but with a different email) it will be renamed
    • So User:Xenon was renamed to User:GTW-Xenon

If you require your username renaming or merging after the import to Wikia, let us know on this discussion page.

Both sets of staff from both Wikis will initially remain in their positions on the merged wiki. Several individuals were staff at both wikis, and they will initially retain their highest position.


  • All content from Grand Theft Wiki will remain in place
  • All content from will be merged into Grand Theft Wiki
    • If an article on does not exist in GTW, it will be created
    • If an article on already exists in GTW, it will be created as a subpage of Project:Merge (see list

What Can I Do?

The most important thing that all members can help with is merging the common articles. For example, we have the GTW page on the Cheetah but also the old Wikia page at Project:Merge/Cheetah. You should try and merge the content of the two separate articles into the main one. Have a look at the list of merged articles to see the pages that need working on.