Grand Theft Wiki:Move from Wikia

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What has happened

The Grand Theft Wiki community has decided to move away from the Wikia network of sites.

To do this, we copied all our content, and set up a new site. Unfortunately, Wikia will not close the old site, because they make money from the adverts, and they will leave it open. Please ensure everyone uses this site instead.

Why move?

Wikia is a for-profit company, and they put money first. This means that they regularly alter the wiki to make more money on adverts. Over the years, they have added more and more adverts, including putting them inside the content area.

One big change was the introduction of a new skin (Oasis) which reduced the size of the content area, was very difficult to use, loaded slower, and added a lot of unwanted features. The new rules at Wikia forbid us from altering the design of the wiki in any way except its colour. Despite thousands of users openly expressing their dissatisfaction with this skin, Wikia ignored them and are making it mandatory, removing the option to use the old design.

It was this disrespect to the community, putting money above everything else, and forgetting why we were there, that made Grand Theft Wiki decide to leave Wikia.

How can I help?

As we have moved away from Wikia, we now have to pay for our own server. You will notice that we have not filled this site with adverts to pay for it. There are only two adverts (in the sidebar and footer), which don't interfere with or distract from the content.

If you want to help with content, there are a lot of tasks that still need doing. Feel free to help out, even if you're new here!

I can't log in!

User accounts have not been copied from Wikia. However, all your edit history is still here! Just click here and follow the instructions to register a new account, and what to do if someone else has already taken your username.

Some of my edits have disappeared

We copied over all content, dating from around 4th October 2010. Any edits made since then have not been copied over, but our staff can do that quickly for you. Just leave us a message in /issues

As for images, unfortunately some of them have not copied over. Leave us a message on /issues if you notice any important ones missing.

What about the old site at Wikia?

Wikia are trying to keep the old site open, even though the community has moved. This is so that they can continue to make money through advertising.

Wikia have actually blocked Grand Theft Wiki's administrators from the site because of this. This proves they don't care about the community or the content, they just want to make money.