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This page explains the situation regarding user accounts due to Grand Theft Wiki's move from Wikia.

We do not have access to Wikia's user account database. When we moved from Wikia, we could only copy the content. This means that user accounts have not been copied over from Wikia, and users need to create a new account.

I can't log in

User accounts have not been copied over from Wikia. However, all edit histories, edit counts and user pages have been copied here.

If you are new, and do not have an account

Welcome to Grand Theft Wiki! Please create an account.

If you had an account on Wikia

Thanks for coming over to the new Grand Theft Wiki! You will have to create a new account with the same name.

After doing this, you should see that all of your contributions and edit history are on the new account automatically. Your user page will be copied over, but not the profile information (age, location, favourite game etc) - you'll have to add this yourself. Also, your edit count may be wrong, if you need this fixing, please contact an Executive Manager.

Username already in use

If you had an account on Wikia, but someone else has registered your username here, and you would like to reclaim it, please follow these instructions:

  1. Create a new account on this site (using a temporary username)
  2. Log into Wikia and follow the instructions here so that we know that it's you who owns that account
  3. The staff will note your request and rename your user account here to your preferred username.
  4. If someone else has registered an account here using your Wikia username, they will be renamed

If this doesn't work for you, please click here and enter as much detail as you can, including links.

I want to change my username

First, follow the instructions above to register your account. If relevant, please reclaim your Wikia username as above. If you have never made any edits, then just start a new account with the username of your choice.

An Executive Manager can rename your account, but only as a one-off. You can't keep changing your username every few months.

Then, leave a message here to request your username be changed, what you want it changed to, and the reason for the rename. A staff member will be in touch to process your request.

Please note that this process may take several days, as your new and old accounts have to be merged, all edits have to be manually associated with your new account at the database end, then the account can be renamed.