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GTAWiki Collaboration

GTAWiki creator Thai420 has given GTW his support to work "with" GTAWiki, and has given Chief of Staff and A-Dust full power to make the decisions around that. GTW and GTAWiki are two sites running for the same reason - to provide detailed information about GTA to the public. So why shouldn't we work together? There is plenty of existing competition, with WikiGTA, Wikipedia and GTAModding. A collaboration, in one form or another would be beneficial to the editors of both sites, our task now is to decide which form of collaboration is the best choice for the sites and the GTA-loving community - Xenon (?) 19:05, 11 May 2007 (BST)

As I see it, we have several options. Feel free to add another option if you see an alternative. Please comment under any of these -start line with ** and sign your name.

  • Agreement - This option would be a simple agreement that any content written on one site can be used freely on the other. This is certainly the easiest options, and would help both sites get more content, and would also allow both sites to use the information in their own way (as the two are slightly different). However, this can mean twice the work as the
  • Interwiki - This option would make the two sites sister-projects, and would allow for instant linking between the two wikis. They would remain physically separate, but things such as images uploaded to one wiki could be used on the other. It may also be possible to share user accounts. However, the biggest restriction is that Wikia does not allow access to the back-end of the wikis, so the configuration files cannot be edited and this could prevent this idea from working.
  • Merging - This is the most drastic option - the two wikis could merge into one single wiki. This process would take time, but would result in almost all content being moved across to the chosen single wiki, although users would have to re-register. This combination of efforts means that one super-wiki is created with probably more GTA content than any other site. The hard part is deciding which site stays and which site goes.
    • My personal opinion is that GTW has the basic structure and planning of a very good wiki, although it is nowhere near to reaching it full potential as far as content is concerened. Wheras I get the feeling that GTAWiki has grown and has solved problems along the way, but is not set up in an ideal way. Also, the fact that GTW has its own hosting and its own domain would be a real advantage. However, I doubt Wikia would be willing to let their English GTA wiki go without a fight, and they definitely wouldn't link to GTW if that was chosen. Xenon (?)
    • I completely agree with what Xenon has said above - that GTW is all set up to become a great wiki, but lacks sufficient content, additionally, having its own domain is a great advantage. GTAWiki has a ton of content, however it's not set up well, and is bound by wikia policies and such, including the software etc. - probably less freedom with what they do with the wiki. I think the agreement is more the way to start this off. --Chris 23:31, 11 May 2007 (BST)