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I'm A-Dust one of the Administrators here on Grand Theft Wiki. Feel free to ask me any questions related to the GTA series although my knowledge on GTA 1, GTA London 1969, GTA London 1961, GTA IV, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony is limited. I will answer your question as best I can but you may find a better answer by asking another member of staff.


For any complaints, of which I've had many, please feel free to change/revert my edits. Contrary to popular opinion on this website I am open to discuss the changes I make and will listen to the community, even if it means creating a lot of work for myself in the process.

Main complaints
  • Changing redirects: I personally dislike seeing that I have been "redirected" when clicking on a link and so I have and will continue to devote time to reducing the number of redirects on the website.
  • Screenshot organisation: The number of screenshots on Grand Theft Wiki, since the last organisation of screenshots (started by me), had increased substantially with help from numerous users providing the website with them. I then decided to split each games screenshot category into smaller categories, separate from the categories they had previously been located in. At the time, instead of listing 200 articles and 200 screenshots in a category, only about 200 combined were showing up, so I decided to move the screenshots (believing them less important than the articles) into a separate category. This issue has since been fixed and I am in the process of moving them back to the smaller categories (i.e. Category:Characters in GTA V) although not to the main screenshots ones (like Category:Screenshots of GTA V). This was done after a number of users had complained about the system, which I listened to and am now changing.
  • Lack of community agreement: This, I confess, is true. I act in the way I believe is best for Grand Theft Wiki but when users disagree I am willing to listen and change/revert what I have done. Some users, however, do not help themselves by remaining out of discussions completely until mid-way through a process despite visiting daily.


My contributions between 2008 (with the release of GTA IV) and 2013 (with the release of GTA V), were not as large in size as I had previously been making. This is because I did not enjoy GTA IV and so lost interest in the series. I was attending university full time and working 20+ hours a week at the time as well. I then decided, rather than remaining in the shadows, to continue editing and contributing doing small menial tasks but at least still contributing, which annoyed certain users.

This trend has continued recently with a lack of articles of significant length.