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The following is a script of the mission "Holland Nights" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


(Niko finds Francis talking to his mother on the phone in his office)

Francis: Sure, Ma. Sure... I've always been a good boy, you know me, Ma. Yes. I'll make Commissioner. No. I don't care about Packie... listen, Man, I've got to go. Love you too. Good to see you.

Niko: I'm sure.

Francis: You know it's funny, but I see a lot of me in you. You know why?

Niko: No.

Francis: You know there's no good, and no evil... just shades of fucking gray.

Niko: Whatever...

Francis: You make things one per cent better. That's enough. That's our duty.

Niko: If you say so.

Francis: Oh I do say so. I want to make things a bit better. By any means necessary. And you? What do you want?

Niko: I want to get paid.

Francis: Sure. Sure you do. So listen, I got something I need you to do.

Niko: This is the last time.

Francis: Of course. Some drug dealer is holed up in a tower block in East Holland. This scumbag's been pushing drugs, pimping women, you name it, he's done it. I need him dealt with.

Niko: Isn't that police work?

Francis: Sure... and the moon is made of cheese and the streets is paved with gold. Wake up.

Niko: Excuse me?

Francis: The guy's guilty as sin. He is sin. But it'll take ma year to get the evidence. More maybe. And maybe good men will get taken down by that evidence. Maybe people make mistakes. But this guy, is scum.

Niko: How much?

Francis: Oh how much? Good money. Two G's.

Niko: Two? You mean five.

Francis: You know, if someone was to tell me you was some fresh off the boat killer with more balls than brains, I'd say he was about right. Okay you got a deal. Head on up to Vauxite and call me. Five G's...

(Niko gets to the tower block in East Holland)

Niko: I'm outside the project, where is he?

Francis: Should be on the second floor, keeps an eye on all his boys from up there. The guys you see are gonna be working for that scumbag in one way or another. Anyway, these projects all got the same layout, a staircase leading up on either side. Try to get off the ground floor before getting violent.

Niko: Violent... me?

Francis: Yeah you. Remember, you're doing a real service for the community by getting rid of this scumbag.

Niko: Francis McReary is the community now? You're starting to sound like your friend Manny.

(Niko walks past groups of gangsters)

Gangster: Yo cracker, you a long ways from home.

Gangster: You got the wrong people, son.

Gangster: Damn, son, you don't belong round here.

Gangster: You in the wrong hood homie, raise up.

Gangster: Yo, you better bounce.

Gangster: Listen up yo, get outta here.

Gangster: You might wanna go home...

Gangster: Hey tourist, you want us to pose for a photo?

Gangster: What you doin' round here, whiteboy?

Gangster: This really ain't the place for you, tough guy.

Gangster: Only thing you'll find up there is a bunch of people who wanna kick your ass.

Gangster: Upstairs for residents only. I know your white ass don't live in this shit.

Gangster: Going up there would be a dumb play. I'm telling you that.

Gangster: Shit, I wouldn't recommend going up there. It ain't gonna end well for you.

Gangster: I think someone stepped off the tourist trail.

Gangster: You're a long way from Star Junction, cracker.

(Niko, in response to these)

Niko: I can go where I like.

Niko: Whatever.

Niko: Eat me.

Niko: Fuck you.

Niko: Screw you.

Niko: Yeah, sure, man

(If Niko aims a gun at the group of three next to the playground)

Gangster: Clarence were specific about deading any fools that tried something.

Gangster: There be a lot of brother want to dead your ass in this project.

Gangster: Momma told me not to kill nobody today.

Gangster: Clarence gonna be real pissed that you started this.

(If Niko aims a gun at the groups of two near the east staircase)

Gangster: You came into the wrong project.

Gangster: That was the wrong move.

Gangster: This didn't have to go this way.

Gangster: Now you done pissed me off.

(If Niko aims a gun at the group of two near the west staircase)

Gangster: You in some real shit now!

Gangster: You 'bout to get banged dude!

Gangster: Got you now!

Gangster: You ready to die?

(If Niko goes up to the second floor or threatens the group at the west staircase)

Gangster: You come to the wrong project, fool. And you gonna pay for it.

Gangster: You just crossed the line, you punk ass bitch.

Gangster: Clarence told me to dead any fool who don't belong in here.

Gangster: This ain't the place for you, son. You dead.

Gangster: Clarence don't want no strangers up in here. That's too bad for you.

Gangster: Shit, I hope you enjoyed your sightseeing tour. It's yo' last.

(Niko chases Clarence)

Clarence: Where my boys at?

Clarence; Turn off your TVs and come out here to help me deal with this crazy psychopath.

Clarence: I need some help up in this bitch.

(Clarence throws a trash bin at Niko)

Clarence: Enjoy this, bitch.

Clarence: It's trash day.

Clarence: Take this, you whitetrash asshole.

(Niko corners Clarence on the roof)

Clarence: Yo, yo, yo. Man, you got me, chill. I surrender. You wouldn't kill an unarmed man, would you?

Niko: This isn't my choice, the police want you dead.

Clarence: Yo, it's that rat cop McReary. Ain't it. He don't like a younger brother with ambition. Tell you what, I'll reform. I'll get out the game. Get a GED or some shit. Make something of my life. McReary going to think I'm dead. Word. Come on, boss. Don't kill me, boss. I'm too young to die. Please. Please.

(If Niko executes Clarence)

Niko: Sorry.

(If Niko spares Clarence)

Clarence: That's right. We the same, me and you. Look out for each other. You the boss though, man. You the boss of me.

Niko: Get out of here. I see you again, you'll wish I had killed you now.

Post mission phone call

Niko: You don't have to worry about Clarence anymore.

Francis: You did a good thing, Niko. That boy was mean. He had a tongue on him too. Always talking his way out of court, willing to compromise anyone to get out of trouble. Thank God for real justice.


Niko: He tried to convince me to let him go. Said he'd get out of town. I finished him anyway.

Francis: Good move. You shouldn't trust a word that comes out of that scum's mouth. The streets are a little bit cleaner now he's gone. One percent - it's all we can hope for.

Niko: Whatever you say. They don't look much cleaner from where I'm standing.

Failing the mission

Clarence escapes

Niko: The drug dealer is out on the street. Oh no! Lock up the children, Francis. This guy is probably out dealing to them.

Francis: You think this is funny? You're the only one who's gonna get locked up, son. You're a real fuck up.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Woman: Clarence, is that you again? Can't you deal out on another block?

Gangster: Even the cops be scared to come up here.

Woman: I told you boys to do your fighting outside.

Woman: If you're makin' a mess in the stairwell, I'm sure as hell not cleaning it up.

Gangster: I 'm gonna put a cap in your dome, fool.

Gangster: The cops ain't gonna help you in here, they scared as shit.

Gangster: This ain't looking good for you, bitch.