Holland Nights

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Holland Nights is a mission in GTA IV, given to Niko by Francis McReary. The mission involves Niko tracking down and killing a drug dealer.

Holland Nights
Niko Bellic killing an associate of Clarence Little.

Niko Bellic killing an associate of Clarence Little.
For Francis McReary
Location East Holland
Reward $5000
Unlocks Lure
Unlocked by Final Interview

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  • Harlem Nights is possibly the basis for the name of this mission.
  • Another possibility is the song Hollywood Nights by Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band.
  • At the begining Clarence is standing on the second floor. You can throw a molotov to kill him.
  • You can also snipe him from the crane nearby. This is tricky, however, as he will start running as soon as the crosshair is placed over him.
  • If the player calls for backup from Dwayne, Clarence will run up halfway through the stairs, jump over a railing to the ground, run back out a gate and will try to escape on foot. (This doesn't happen, however, if the backup is summoned before entering the apartment complex.)