Jug MkII

Jug MkII
A Jug MkII in GTA London 1969.
A Jug MkII in GTA London 1969.
A Jug MkII in GTA London 1969.
Appearance(s) GTA London 1969
Vehicle type Civilian car
Body style 4-door saloon

The Jug MkII is a saloon in Grand Theft Auto: London 1969.


Assuming the appearance of a rounded four-door saloon, the Jug MkII's name strongly implies the car is a recreation of a Jaguar Mark 2; unlike its real-life counterpart, however, the Jug has a more angular front end and a rounder rear end. The car's "Jug" name, like that of the Jug Swinger, is a short form of the "Jugular" name (which in turn refers to the jugular vein) also used by the "Jugular E"; "Jug" is also a British slang for a woman's breast.

The Jug MkII's existence in the game is likely to be inspired by the Jaguar Mark 2's real-life popularity among British criminals in the 1960s, who favour its speedy engine and its ample room that can hold 5 adults; the car was so popular as a getaway car that British police began using Jaguar Mark 2's of their own to fight fire with fire. The Jaguar Mark 2 is also known in pop culture by its appearance in the British television show Inspector Morse, where a red Jaguar Mark 2 with a black roof is driven by Inspector Morse himself; the colour scheme finds its way into GTA London 1969 as one of the Jug MkII's colour schemes.


Despite the Jaguar Mark 2's history as a getaway car, the Jug MkII's performance is actually poorer, with a low top speed, slightly above average acceleration and average brakes. However, the car does have good grip and excellent handling. The car's base export value is also significantly high, selling at £1,000 if delivered in perfect condition.


  • Despite being based on a four-door car, the Jug MkII's deltas indicate it only has two doors that can be opened.
  • The Jug MkII serves as the basis for the Grand Theft Auto: London, 1961 rendition of the Copper, as well as the Royal Pain (having been inflated in size).

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