Meltdown (GTA IV)/Script

The following is a script of the mission "Meltdown" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Ray: Yeah, yeah ,yeah. Sure, Phil, sure. Hey, Phil, listen. You know me, and I know you. Ah, I didn't mean nothin' by it. Hey, take it easy. Oh, Phil, take it easy. Hey listen tell Jimmy I said hello. Okay. I'm sorry. Goodbye. We got a problem.

Niko: Who? You and me?

Ray: Yeah. I got two options. Option one, you ripped me off. Option two, Luca and his buddies ripped us both off.

Niko: Hey, hey! I left them with the stuff to bring to you, as instructed.

Ray: Maybe you're in on it.

Niko: Maybe I am, but if you thought that, I wouldn't be standing here right now.

Ray: You ain't as dumb as you look. Luca hangs out in Castle Gardens. Go see him, go get my stuff back so everyone can get paid. Now.

Niko: Right.

(Niko finds Luca and his crew at Castle Gardens)

Luca: Las Venturas, baby. We'll be our own bosses.

Niko: Luca, I need that ice back.

Luca: I dunno what you talkin' about, Nicky. I gave every one of those diamonds to Ray.

Niko: Now we all know that that's not true.

Tuna: Fuck you, you cabbage-eating prick. Who says it weren't you that made off with 'em? That's what I'm telling Ray.

Luca: The game's up, boys. We're outta here.

(Luca and his crew flee and Niko chases. They eventually crash in Middle Park and run into the toilet block)

Tuna: Fuck you, Nicky, fuck you.

Tuna: I'm gonna clip you then I'm gonna go clip Ray Bo - fucking - ccino.

Tuna: None of you Russians got no respect for nothing.

Tuna: Ray ain't never gonna trust a fucking rat. Remember that.

Tuna: Shove this up your ass.

Tuna: You're a piece of shit, Nicky. You ratted us out.

(Niko kills Tuna and Johnny and looks for Luca in the stalls)

Niko: You're making things real hard on yourself.

Niko: I'm going to find you, Luca.

Niko: Luca, come out and we'll talk about this.

(Niko finds Luca in a stall and he pleads for his life)

Luca: You gotta make a play for yourself, Jesus.

Luca: Ray ain't gonna give you shit for helping him out, Nicky.

Luca: You can have Tuna and Johnny's cut. Come on.

Luca: You and me can go to Venutras, no one's ever gonna find us.

Luca: We'll split the ice. You'll be a rice man, Nicky.

(Niko kills Luca and takes back the diamonds. He then calls Ray)

Niko: I took out Luca's crew and I got your diamonds.

Ray: What do you mean, you took 'em out? I just wanted you to get the ice back. I didn't say nothing to you about kill those boys.

Niko: Whatever, they're dead and I've got the stuff. You want to get your hands on it, come meet me at the bridge in Middle Park.

(Niko meets Ray on the bridge)

Ray: Thanks, Nicky. I guess you never know who's gonna stab you in the back, eh?

Niko: Thanks for the advice.

Failing the mission

Luca gets away

Niko: Ray, Luca's crew gave me the shake.

Ray: Shit. I'm starting to think you guys are in bed together. You better prove me wrong. Let's have a little talk, Nicky. Come see me when you can.

Luca's crew killed early

Niko: Hey Ray, the diamonds - I'm not going to be able to get my hands on them. You're going to have to do without.

Ray: Shit. I'm starting to think you guys are in bed together. You better prove me wrong. Let's have a little talk, Nicky. Come see me when you can.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Ray: I was planning for an easy life. It don't matter too much, bring me the score at Drusilla's.

Niko: You were planning to let them live?