Meltdown (GTA IV)

Niko Bellic about to kill Luca Silvestri on orders for Ray Boccino.
Niko Bellic about to kill Luca Silvestri on orders for Ray Boccino.

Niko Bellic about to kill Luca Silvestri on orders for Ray Boccino.
For Ray Boccino
Location Algonquin
Reward $9,500
Unlocks Museum Piece
Unlocked by Taking in the Trash

Meltdown is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV. The diamonds obtained from the previous mission were never delivered to Ray Boccino. Believing Luca and his friends are to blame, he sends Niko Bellic to Castle Gardens to retrieve the diamonds from them.


Niko arrives at Drusilla's to get more work from Ray. However when Niko arrives, Ray suggests that Niko may have been involved in the reason his diamonds haven't been returned yet. Niko states that if Ray really thought Niko was involved he wouldn't be standing before him. Ray agrees, and sends Niko to retrieve the diamonds from Luca Silvestri and his buddies, who hang out around Castle Gardens.

Niko finds Luca's car in Castle Gardens. As he approaches, they can be overheard discussing a trip to Las Venturas. Niko confronts them about the missing diamonds, but Luca feigns innocence and claims he gave them to Ray. Taking offense to Niko, Tunafish insults him and then speeds away. Niko steals a nearby Banshee and chases Luca through the streets of Algonquin and Star Junction until Luca's car eventually crashes outside the Middle Park bathrooms. (Note: as the on-screen directions indicate, Niko's job during the chase is not to kill Luca, so don't try doing any drive-by shooting. The Banshee has a rather low damage limit before it blows up, so the key is to try to avoid hitting anything and not lose their car until it arrives at the park.

Luca, Johnny Spaz, Tunafish, and an unnamed assosiate escape on foot and flee from the wrecked car. Niko kills the unnamed assosiate, Johnny Spaz, and Tunafish before making his way into the bathrooms where Luca had fled. Niko shoots open the locks of the bathrooms stall doors until he eventually finds the one Luca is hiding in. Luca attempts to bribe Niko with a cut of the diamonds in return for sparing his life, but Niko executes him with a shot to the neck.

Afterwards, Niko calls Ray only to find out that his job was to simply just retrieve the diamonds, not kill Luca. Niko brushes it off and then meets Ray on the overpass bridge in Middle Park where he gives back the diamonds.

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  • The traffic in this mission is pre-scripted to create a better dangerous high speed chase experience.
  • The Banshee Niko steals will usually have its rear trunk open, reducing visibility in third-person view.
  • If Niko arrives at the restaurant without a vehicle, there'll be an unlocked car available outside after the mission is given.