Multiplayer in GTA Chinatown Wars

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In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Multiplayer can be done both locally (DS - DS) or over Wi-Fi. There are many different modes of play available.

Local Play

The following descriptions are taken from the game itself.

Single Race

  • Compete against your friend in a no-holds barred race to the finish line. Too game for you? Earn laps in Death Race mode by killing your opponent instead of racing them.


  • Challenge your opponent to an entire season of races. Choose from four different seasons, each with five races.

Stash Dash

  • Steal the van, deliver it, and stash the cash. Sounds simple - but your opponent wants the same van and the same cash. Be careful, the more the van is damaged the less cash you get on delivery.

Defend The Base

  • Team up with a friend to defend your base against attack from multiple waves of computer controlled enemies. If the enemy destroys your base's vehicles before the game lose!

LC Survivor

  • Meet up with your friends, then shoot each of them in the face. Similar to the "Liberty City Survivor" mode in GTA Liberty City Stories' multiplayer, and named after the Liberty City Survivor reality show in GTA III.

Gang Bang

  • Attack the objectives, or defend them against attacks.


There are no online multiplayer options, only weapon trading, drug trading, and the Rockstar Social Club.