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Ilyena: I don't see why it's such a problem.

Mikhail: I tell you. I want you to keep an eye on her.

Bodyguard: Hey. Stand over here.

Mikhail: I'm out making money all day.

Ilyena: Why are you being like this again?

Mikhail: How many times do I have to tell you?

Ilyena: How many times do I have to listen?

Mikhail: Keep an eye on the fucking girl!

Ilyena: Fucking girl! She's your daughter!

Mikhail: God! God!

Ilyena: Oh my God.

Mikhail: Have your prayers been answered? Your God doesn't give a damn about you! Just like everyone else!

Ilyena: You're a terrible man!

Mikhail: You superstitious old crone. I'll see you in hell. Someday I'll crucify you... Niko Bellic. Yes. Good name. Good name... Where is Dimitri?

Bodyguard: He's busy, er... he said he had something to do.

Mikhail: Something? Something? Let me tell you something. Me and this guy we were in the army together, we were in prison together, we are like brothers. Now it's always something...

Niko: Always something...

Mikhail: Always something, yes... you want a drink?

Niko: No, thank you.

Mikhail: Well, I do.

Niko: You alright?

Mikhail: What?

Niko: Mr. Faustin?

Mikhail: No! I'm fucking angry.

Niko: I'm sorry to hear that.

Mikhail: Let me ask you something. You know her?

Niko: No.

Mikhail: Good. Because if you did, I'd fucking kill you.

Niko: Why?

Mikhail: She's my daughter. Ungrateful bitch. I bring her here. I spoil her rotten. Raise her well. Look at this. Look. Look what I've given her!

Niko: Yeah, yeah... she's, uh, very lucky to have such a loving father...

Mikhail: She is. She's an out of control bitch. Because of you, you pathetic mess. But I don't accept my daughter turning into a whore. Niko, she's at Firefly Island. Go there. If she's meeting up with that biker pimp boyfriend... kill him. Find Dimitri for me.

Bodyguard: Okay.

Mikhail: Have him call me.

Bodyguard: Sure.

Mikhail: Go.

Bodyguard: Alright.

(Niko arrives at Firefly Island and finds Anna and her boyfriend)

Anna: Am I property of the Lost now?

Jason: Ha... if you were property then all the brothers would get to share you. I want you all to myself.

Niko: Get away from Mr. Faustin's daughter.

Jason: Fuck you, this ain't Russia and we ain't communists.

Anna: Tell my father I can see whoever I like.

Jason: I'm gonna get the brothers, and we're gonna kick your fucking ass.

(Jason flees on his bike and Niko chases him)

(If Niko stays with Anna)

Anna: I hate my father. I hate him. I hate him.

Anna: My stupid father thinks he is still in Russia. In America I can see who I like.

Anna: Jason's a nice boy. Stay away from him. Stay away from him.

Anna: My father cannot control who I see. Me and Jason are together no matter what. This is love.

Anna: Don't you hurt Jason. Don't hurt Jason. You stupid thugs, you stupid gangster.

(If Niko aims a gun at Anna)

Anna: Fine, kill me. I am dead without Jason anyway.

Anna Screw you, you petty hood!

Anna If you're going to hurt Jason, you should hurt me too.

Anna You wouldn't dare. I'm Anna Faustin.

Anna: My father is Mikhail Faustin! You can't hurt your boss's daughter.

(Niko chases Jason)

Jason: Hey, you know who you're fucking with? The whole Lost biker gang.

Jason: Me and the brothers are gonna fuckin' rape you, man.

Jason: Yo, try that again and I'll shove that tailpipe up your fuckin' ass.

Jason: You ain't gonna know what the fuck hit you, pal.

Jason: Stay outta this, man.

Jason: Hey, you want the whole fuckin' gang coming down on you, man?

Jason: We're going to teach you a lesson for getting into other people's business.

Jason: My boy Johnny's gonna fuck you up.

Jason: Hey, we're gonna beat your ass then I'm gonna go back and fuck that Russian broad and her momma.

(If Jason catches up with members of the Lost)

Jason: Hey, let's mess this commie asshole up. He fucked with me, he fucked with all the Lost.

Jason: Brothers, we've got to teach this commie asshole what it means to be Lost.

Jason: This fuckin' douchebag thinks he can tell a member of the Lost who he can and can't fuck. Let's fuck him up.

Post mission phone call

Niko: I've killed the biker. I don't know how happy your daughter will be.

Mikhail: I don't care about her happiness. I care about discipline and loyalty. Thank you, Niko.

Failing the mission

Faustin's daughter is killed

Niko: Mikhail, I have bad news. Your daughter... she was hurt.

Faustin: That fucking biker. I knew he was filth from the moment I heard of him. I must tell my wife.

Niko: The biker, yes, he's a dead man. I will come to see you soon.

Biker escapes

Niko: That biker got away, I'm sorry.

Faustin: You fucking better be. If my daughter goes blind from some S.T.D. then I am holding you accountable, Niko Bellic.