No Love Lost

No Love Lost
Mikhail Faustin talking to Niko Bellic about his daughter Anna.

Mikhail Faustin talking to Niko Bellic about his daughter Anna.
For Mikhail Faustin
Target Jason Michaels
Location Hove Beach, Broker

No Love Lost is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to Niko Bellic by Russian Mafia boss Mikhail Faustin. He asks Niko to dissuade his daughter's boyfriend from seeing her, and to kill him if he does not obey. The mission introduces the concept of shooting while driving a vehicle.

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  • Traffic during the chase is scripted (as in numerous other missions in the game), and as such, the vehicles seen are not random: a Declasse Taxi, a Cabby (unusual in Broker) and two parked Esperantos in Crockett Avenue, three Blista Compacts, two Primos, three Ferocis, a Declasse Taxi, a Premier and a Chavos on the Broker-Dukes Expressway; a Cabby, a Taxi, two Chavoses, and a Blista Compact (plus a Bobcat, a Feroci and two Vigeros parked) in Titulo Avenue; a Cabby and two Bobcats in Carson Street; a Taxi, a Blista Compact and a Feroci in Stilwater Avenue; a Blista Compact in Savannah Avenue; two Taxis, a Feroci, a Cabby and a parked Bobcat in Seymour Avenue; and another Cabby, with a parked Bobcat, Feroci and Vigero, in Parr Street.
  • Shooting at Jason at Funland next to Anna will cause her to scream that Jason is nice and that she hates her father.
  • You can kill Jason before he catches up to his friends, but it is hard because of him being a skilled biker and because of the traffic.
  • Try not to play this mission at night. At the ending shoot out, you will be able to still see the red arrows, but because it is so dark, you can't see if they're behind cover, making you waste ammo.
  • The player does not need to use the bike to chase down Jason, they can use a car, which can help much more.