Pepe (DJ)

Pepe in 1986.

Pepe is the DJ of the Radio Espantoso radio station in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He resides in Vice City but can not speak English. Pepe is popular amongst the Cubans in Vice City, alongside the Taxi drivers. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, set in 1984 and two years before GTA Vice City, he is frequently insulted by then Radio Espantoso host Hector Hernandez.

Pepe is voiced by Tony Chiroldes.

DJ info

Pepe wanted to be a sports commentator. When that didn't work out (he was told he got too excited and ruined people' enjoyment of the game) he turned to music. He genuinely loves the music he plays and even more than that, loves the opportunity to shout very loud into a microphone. He has lived in Vice City for a few years now and is desperately trying to spread the word of quality music in the cultural desert of the 1980s. The only cloud on the horizon is his wife. A dreadful woman who has taken the American dream to her heart and her waist, she has left Pepe confused by everything apart from the music.[1]


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