Ruff Rider/Script

The following is a script of the mission "Ruff Rider" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Dwayne: Oh, it's you. You alone?

Niko: Yeah. How you doing?

Dwayne: Fucking great. What you think?

Niko: Yeah... it's hard living with the past. Eh?

Dwayne: Yeah. Especially when the present has turned into an asshole. Fucking bitch... nobody wants to roll with me no more. It's like I'm tainted.

Niko: What do you mean?

Dwayne: Playboy don't wanna hang no more. He pays for you to come over instead. My girlfriend, the love of my fucking life... man, I was pulling moves in the joint so this bitch could pay the rent. Now, she won't answer the phone. Man, I gave her everything when I was inside. Cars, houses, apartments, bank accounts. Everything. I heard she hanging with Jayvon now.

Niko: Who?

Dwayne: Some punk who fucking talked. He swears he wasn't involved in me going down, but I knew. I knew his ass was lying. Now motherfucker's fucking my girl? For real? Shit is fucked up, man. Sometimes I just wanna end this shit. Just... bam. But I ain't there yet. Not quite.

Niko: Listen, why don't you go talk to her?

Dwayne: Ain't shit to say.

Niko: Then I'll go speak to both of them. I'll ask for your money back... and if they don't agree, I'll make them. Where do they hang out?

Dwayne: At some arcade in Chinatown. Uh, look, man, don't bother.

Niko: No. I'll bother. I"m getting paid. And besides... you remind me of me.

Dwayne: Uh huh.

(Niko arrives at the arcade and confronts the two)

Niko: Hey, are you the two snakes who played Dwayne Forge when he was in the joint? He wants his money.

Cherise: What? Dwayne must a finished his bid. Shit, he going to be mad angry.

(Niko chooses to spare or kill Cherise)

Cherise: Don't kill me .I know I fucked Dwayne over real bad but he wouldn't want me dead. He too much of a gentlemen for that. He ain't like that Playboy X punk, he's only chasing paper. You do right by Dwayne he gonna stick to you for life. I didn't mean it. Girl get lonely when her man's inside for a long time. I thought Playboy was gonna look out for me but he didn't answer my calls. Punk didn't wanna know me. I did what I did to survive. Please. I don't wanna die. Come on! Dwayne wouldn't ever hurt no one he loved, even if they screwed him like I did. Please. I'm only human. Come on.

(Niko spares Cherise)

Niko: Dwayne don't need to worry about having that girl's blood on his hands on top of everything else.

(Niko kills Cherise)

Niko: She was going to say anything to get out of that. No getting out of it now.

(Niko chases Jayvon and kills him then phones Dwayne)

Niko: Hey Dwayne, I've got your money. Why don't you meet me at Cluckin' Bell so I can give it to you?

Dwayne: Great. Thanks, son. See you soon.

(Niko meets Dwayne at Cluckin' Bell. (Cherise spared))

Niko: I collected on that debt for you.

Dwayne: They paid up? I guess my name still means something out there. People are still scared of me.

Niko: They are, I got rid of Jayvon for you but I let your ex go.

Dwayne: That fool Cherise? She just couldn't help herself. She always told me she'd burn me good. I guess I shoulda listened. I'm happy she ain't dead, though - she's just an idiot. Peace, man.

(Niko meets Dwayne at Cluckin' Bell. (Cherise killed))

Niko: I collected on that debt for you.

Dwayne: They paid up? I guess my name still means something out there. People still know me.

Niko: I had to explain things to them. They didn't listen so good.

Dwayne: You slept Cherise? She were a bitch, weren't she? This fool falls real hard for them. That's why he gets burnt. Thanks for getting this paper, Niko. It helps.

Failing the mission

Jayvon gets away

Niko: Dwayne, I couldn't get the money. Jayvon gave me the slip.

Dwayne: Damn, son. I shoulda guess it. Only paper I got now are the handouts from Playboy. Fucking great. Later.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Dwayne: Damn, son. I shoulda guessed it. Only paper I got now are the handouts from Playboy. Fucking great. Later.

Niko: Dwayne, I'm sorry. They got away from me. You're still out of pocket.

Niko: Dwayne, it's Niko. Your ex lost me. She had a motorbike.

Dwayne: Shit. Having no paper ain't good but it ain't nothing I ain't seen before. See you round, man.

Niko: This ain't yours. Belongs to Dwayne.

Niko: This belongs to a friend of mine.