Ruff Rider

Ruff Rider
Dwayne Forge talking to Niko Bellic.
Dwayne Forge talking to Niko Bellic.

Dwayne Forge talking to Niko Bellic.
For Dwayne
Location Algonquin
Reward $6,000
Unlocks Undress to Kill

Ruff Rider is the first mission offered by Dwayne in Grand Theft Auto IV, which involves his ex-girlfriend (Cherise) and her new man (Jayvon), a guy who apparently ratted out Dwayne and sent him to prison so many years ago. Niko agrees to help out the melancholic Dwayne by going to speak with the couple and getting his money back, which Dwayne was sending Cherise while he was in the joint.

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  • In Weazel News post-mission report, a civilian mentions that they were crazy "because of those violent video-games". This is obviously Rockstar Games mocking Jack Thompson's criticism towards violent video games (and especially Grand Theft Auto).
  • The name of the mission could be a reference to the record label Ruff Ryders Entertainment as the label is in Manhattan (Algonquin) which is where the mission takes place.
  • The missions name has another possible reference U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt's "Rough Riders" the 1st Volunteer Cavalry Regiment in the Spanish-American War.